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About Dental Wings License

How cracked DWOS Brings Innovation to Dental Labs 2015 was a big year for Dental Wings. At MCC 2015, they showed a new laser-milling system, along with a previously announced intraoral scanner. They also updated their OS software this year. The CEO of Dental Wings spoke about these innovations, how...

Application of 3D dentistry

There are main areas of application of 3D printers in dentistry: orthodontics, surgery, prosthetics. Ready solutions for orthodontics As you know, orthodontics is the bite correction by any means. Previously, these were records, then braces appeared, and now transparent aligners have appeared. (more…)

3Shape Dental System

3shape dongle emulator Create accurate predictions by combining 2D and 3D images with RealView technology. 3Shape RealView allows technicians to create believable images of a clinical case by adding three-dimensional models of teeth to the photo of a patient’s face. Patients can “try on” their new smile. Allow patients to...


Periodontal disease is one of the most common and complex pathologies of the maxillofacial region. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), functional disorders of the dental system, caused by the loss of teeth from periodontal diseases, develop 5 times more often than with complications of caries. (more…)


The rapid development of CAD/CAM technology is every day more and more coming to the aid of orthopedic dentists and dental technicians, helping to achieve excellent results in their work. An increasing number of milling centers in our country offers services for the manufacture of zirconia frameworks. This fact undoubtedly...

Orthodontics with Cerec dental

CAD/CAM-system SIRONA CEREC Treatment per visit CEREC is a unique CAD/CAM system for making single all-ceramic restorations in one visit directly at the patient's chair. You get complete control over the clinical process, while quickly and safely achieving the desired results for yourself and your patients, namely: highly aesthetic and...

CAD/CAM systems in dentistry

CAD/CAM systems in dentistry Cad/Cam-technology in dentistry for 3d-modeling of teeth is a new project to automate and autonomize the laboratory of dental equipment. By applying it in practice, you will achieve improvement in the quality of products, their improvement and reduce production time. (more…)