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ExoCad 2.4 Plovdiv crack full latest version 2020

Exocad Plovdiv crack software is the complete and most advanced digital dentistry solution. This is a reliable platform, which was preferred by leading dentists to offer the best solutions based on CAD / CAM technologies. The digital dentistry market is constantly expanding and ExoCad 2.4 Plovdiv offers a reliable, simple and stable platform for most modern applications. Continuous active development in close cooperation with narrow-profile specialists makes ExoCad 2.4 Plovdiv crack the most promising and effective solution.

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    Exocad 2.4 Plovdiv cracked — virtues

    The software has several advantages that determine its popularity and relevance:

    • Exocad crack 2.4 Plovdiv  is a comprehensive software solution focused on digital dentistry;
    • openness for integration with various devices of other manufacturers;
    • constant communication with working engineers, dentists and dental technicians to improve software tools;
    • simplicity and clarity of work – suitable even for beginners;
    • a powerful tool in the hands of experienced professionals;
    • high speed of data processing and work, which, coupled with the functionality, makes it possible to significantly improve productivity and labor efficiency indicators;
    • wide range of indications;
    • the ability to connect extensions for other readings.

    The basic functionality of the software will expand along with user experience. For example, you can copy previous designs or mirror healthy teeth, upload regular two-dimensional images during design, work with preoperative models and adapt your own restorations to them,

    save real 3D files in PDF format with the subsequent possibility of sending them by e-mail and opening them in a regular program that can view PDF files.


    Exocad standard software allows you to cover a wide range of readings, which includes:

    • anatomical crowns;
    • imple and anatomical caps;
    • veneers;
    • tabs and overlays;
    • attachments;
    • bridge frames and frames based on wax models;
    • digital copy milling of wax models;
    • lock fastenings of extra-coronal type;
    • telescopic crowns.
    Reliability and stability of the system daily allows you to process complex types of products. The software includes extensions to solve various problems. For example, for dental technicians – DentalCAD, for research – ChairsideCAD, for orthodontics – Ortho, for planning implants – Exoplan, and for production – Exocam.
    The price includes installing the full version of the software with all additional modules! By ordering ExoCad 2.4 Plovdiv crack you get a fully working program that will not request activation.

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