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Exocad crack patch 2.4 Plovdiv 2020

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Following the recently announced “lightweight” version of ChairsideCAD Matera, designed for the rapid fabrication of simple crowns, inlays and veneers, Exocad announced on December 21 a new version of their flagship product, Exocad DentalCAD ​​2.4 Plovdiv.

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    about exocad dentalcad 2.4 Plovdiv build 7341 crack

    Major updates of patch 2.4

    The focus of this version is on CAD for removable full and partial dentures.

    Of course, all major models of intraoral and laboratory scanners, as well as articulators are supported.

    Now it is possible to model and manufacture a complete removable denture not only by milling the base with subsequent gluing of set teeth (a very wide range of manufacturers of artificial teeth is supported), but also by 3D printing that is gaining popularity.

    The main functions

    Designing of customized abutments

    The use of the hacked Exocad DentalCAD 2020 ​​Implant Module makes designing custom abutments easy and straightforward. If you are modeling bridges with support on individual abutments, the software module will automatically make sure that all abutments on which the bridge rests have the same placement axis.

    Screw-retained bridges

    Modeling screw-retained bridges, copings and crowns is also straightforward. The advanced helical channel design feature greatly simplifies the ceramic coating procedure and minimizes the risk of enamel chipping.

    Reliability and high performance

    Within one CAD session, not only individual abutments, but also frameworks for them can be modeled. However, if the abutments and frameworks have been designed with precise and correct parameters, an optimal fit can be achieved. That is, when designing the frame, all parts will be created at once. This means you can avoid intermediate scanning of the abutment and save valuable time.


    Milling work can be done both at home and in milling shops. It won’t make any difference as Exocad DentalCAD ​​supports the widest range of milling systems. The files generated by cracked Exocad DentalCAD 2020 ​​are accepted by any production center equipped with modern equipment. Thus, you can choose between making the components yourself or ordering them from another manufacturer.

    Extensive implant library

    The cracked Exocad DentalCAD ​​Implant module includes an extensive library of implants from leading manufacturers and smaller players in the industry. Moreover, this library includes implants for modeling on titanium bases, as well as on non-separable abutments or screw-retained bridges. This means that the Implant Module offers flexible options for modeling different types of implant-based restorations.

    The Implant module Exocad DentalCAD ​​is an add-on to the dental CAD platform that is renowned for its high speed and ease of use, reliability and continuous improvement, which has earned the trust of industry leaders.

    Become a digital dentist with the modern dental design that allows this software. Make your next customer visit unique. Deliver on expectations being a modern professional dentist.

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