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3DIEMME RealGUIDE v5 crack full activated version 2019

Presents an updated line of products and services designed for physicians, radiologists and dental technicians to fully manage the digital process of dentistry.

With multi-platform software, a universal surgical kit, and materials tested and optimized for managed surgical procedures, 3DIEMME crack can satisfy any request in terms of product manufacturing and customization, and support companies that want to incorporate RealGUIDE into their current workflow.

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    The RealGUIDE v5 crack procedure is a technique of guided surgery based on the following principles:

    ·         Accurate three-dimensional reconstruction of the Patient by integrating data from X-rays and optical scanning of plaster models or intra-oral scans

    ·         Use of certified software (RealGUIDE software) which, in a simple and intuitive way, allows the Clinician to make a complete pre-implant diagnosis and create a virtual surgery plan

    ·         Using the latest CAD/CAM and rapid prototyping technology for the automatic transfer of the treatment plan to a customized surgical guide and a work model with implant analogs housing to be mounted in the articulator for the construction of temporary prosthesis

    ·         Management of any type of implant rehabilitation intervention (partial, total and post-extraction edentulism) and bone regeneration (graft anatomical modelling)

    ·         Open system and completely applicable to any implant platform, which can be fully integrated with the laboratory prosthetic modelling open software for the virtual design of the provisional starting from the implant planning of the Doctor exported in STL format


    ·         Many PARTNERSHIP possibilities for Companies that want to manage in a structured way the guided surgery procedures for their customers: from the technical support to the development of custom solutions, perfectly suited to the specific digital business model

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