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The work of even a small dental office provides for the creation and maintenance of a variety of different documents. Patient records, appointments to the doctor, salary reports, accounting for the issuance of medicines and many other paperwork should be kept daily at any dental office. To perform such work,...

Top 10 Assistants for Dental Technicians

Equipment for dental clinic or office - not an easy task. Especially, if it is also planned to place a dental laboratory there. The modern market of medical equipment offers dozens of names and hundreds of brands. Each of which has certain features, positive and negative qualities. (more…)

Prosthetic teeth, metal-free ceramics.

Metal-free ceramics is a very modern type of prosthetics. Here we can always solve the problems of aesthetics of the teeth. Metal-free constructions are made of special, especially strong ceramics without the addition of a metal frame, which gives the final design the necessary aesthetic appearance. (more…)


All about dental implants It is not possible for everyone to save their own teeth for life. Unfavorable environments, improper care of the teeth, diseases that have not been cured in time – all these factors can lead to the appearance of an empty space in the dentition. In this...

The digital laboratory is the present

In recent years, approaches to dental treatment have radically changed. Digital technology is a challenge for our time! Every day in dental practice use the most advanced techniques that require advanced tooth-technical services. The 21st Century Laboratory looks like a futuristic spacecraft, and dental technicians are its pilots. (more…)

Digital Dentistry

Digital Dentistry In the modern world, technologies are developing at an incredible speed. The progress doesn’t bypassing the field of dentistry. Many people do not even know what amazing innovative methods digital dentistry offers these days. Let's see what new approaches in the diagnosis, treatment, prosthetics are used by dentists,...

Digital Smile Design

DIGITAL SMILE DESIGN (DSD) is a digital smile simulation DIGITAL SMILE DESIGN (DSD) is the creation of your own individual smile. Let's not dwell on the fact that a beautiful smile is an extremely important and essential element of our health, beauty and confidence. The possibilities of aesthetic dentistry are...

Sum3d – CAM software

Sum3d Dental Software Are you dreaming about greater functionality of your dentisry software and security in the future? SUM3D Dental turns your dreams into reality right now! Reliable software ensuring expanding your technical capabilities, improving quality and range your work. (more…)

3shape TRIOS

Cracked TRIOS - much more than a print The new third-generation TRIOS dental software is a digital three-in-one solution for orthodontics. It's an intraoral scanner for quickly and easily removing 3D color prints; Photos of the oral cavity using RealColor technology for better communication with patients; and leading dumped software...

Dental Wings (DWOS)

DWOS (Dental Wings) full crack version includes a complete set of applications and modeling tools that allow dental technicians and dentists to create a wide range of orthopedic work using a common software platform. The first dental PLM system. Built on a robust design and manufacturing platform. DWOS is the...