CAD CAM cracked systems in dentistry

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Systems for the design and manufacture of CAD/CAM objects are used in various industries, including medicine and dentistry. They help to model objects with anatomical accuracy, as well as to make them according to individual parameters. What is the peculiarity of cad cam systems and what opportunities do they offer?

CAD cam Features

CAD CAM technologies are useful in any industries where it is necessary to create objects using modeling and subsequent implementation into a material object. With the help of CAD, objects are designed, and with the help of CAM, data is transmitted and the final product is directly created.

This digital technique has been used for a long time in modern dentistry, where accurate and fast production of teeth for patients is important. Software for the use of additive technologies in various fields will be presented at the seventh 3D Print Expo.

Advantages of cad cam:

• design of objects of high complexity;
• simple and painless scanning;
• speed in the manufacture of orthopedic objects;
• three-dimensional modeling according to individual parameters;
• fast production using a CNC machine.
This method is used in the manufacture of crowns, veneers and many other variants of dental prosthetics. Technologies help to act quickly and more accurately than when working with impressions and casting, as well as to choose from a larger number of materials. Dental laboratories and modern clinics that use cad cam in dentistry gain a huge competitive advantage because they can serve customers with high speed and quality.

Firstly, patients do not experience discomfort during the procedure of scanning and installing the crown. Secondly, to make and install a prosthesis, one visit to the dentist is quite enough.

CAD CAM programs for dentistry

There are several modern programs with which dentists can use additive technologies in their work. Consider the most popular and convenient of them.

Exocad Dental CAD crack

One of the most popular programs among specialists that speed up the treatment process and help to make implant models. It is open and compatible with very many types of equipment.
The program was created in Germany in 2008 and is constantly being improved, supplemented with new features. The modeling process is simple and intuitive, the safety and completeness of information are supported by the dentalshare cloud application. The program can also upload photos and visualize the simulated images as realistically as possible.

Advantages of this technology. the system:

• simplicity;
• intuitive interface;
• application of additional modules;
• compatible with different scanners and milling devices;
• ability to upload photos.

With the help of Exocad Dental CAD, caps, crowns, bridge-like frames and other orthopedic structures can be made.

Dental system 3Shape cracked “cad cam”.

In addition to the main option, it is possible to supplement the program with add-ons that provide additional opportunities for 3D modeling and prototyping.

The program has an intuitive interface, is regularly updated and supplemented. With its help, you can quickly make high-quality and anatomically accurate overlays, abutments, crowns, gingival row.

Advantages of this technology. the system:

• simple interface;
• large selection of tools;
• step-by-step planning;
• visualization of the model;
• additional modules.

In the program, you can easily change all the settings right during the workflow, for example, the type of material or the features of the design being created. The program also provides access to more than 50 implant libraries.

Planmeca crack ProMax 3D

The system supports many functions that help in 2D and 3D visualization of objects, design and processing of scanned material. The software is compatible with different operating systems, it is easy to use.

Advantages of this cad cam program:

• large set of tools;
• versatility of printing;
• additional modules;
• ability to export and import;
• good visualization.

Such a system is designed for both small dental offices and large clinics. It makes it easy to share data and projects with colleagues.


Modern cad cam in dentistry greatly facilitate the work of doctors, allow you to get results quickly, make orthopedic structures with high accuracy. Most of the systems are intuitive and simple, anyone can study them in a short time. The use of 3D technologies accelerates the work of dental clinics and offices, allows you to serve more customers for a certain time, increases the level of services provided.
You will be able to learn more about software for working with 3D printing, as well as the use of additive technologies in medicine at the 3D Print Expo, which will be held on October 4 and 5. A separate report “3D printing in medicine: prospects for 3D bioprinting in the country” will be read by Candidate of Medical Sciences Roman Gorbatov at the event.



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