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Currently, it will not be possible to obtain a significant result of therapeutic or aesthetic procedures in the dental area without the use of computer technology. At the same time, digitalization of any of the stages of the treatment process allows you to reach a new level in any dental specialty.

The exocad software, developed in Germany, has allowed dentists around the world to reach this new level of work, when the restorations obtained are completely identical to natural teeth in aesthetics and functional characteristics. With the help of this program, a similar result is achievable in other areas of the dentist’s activity. The task facing Exocad GmbH – to create software solutions for specialists from the field of dentistry, characterized by reliability and ease of use, turned out to be fully realized.

The developers managed to make such a highly effective product thanks to constant and close interaction with consumers, specialists from the field of dentistry. At the same time, users of the software are not only doctors, but also dental technicians. This is a great option for beginners and, at the same time, an even more powerful tool in the hands of a professional. It is the presence of feedback, positive feedback from experts in this field that became the motivation for the development of the Exocad product. Now we are talking about the 18th version. EXOCAD 2018 Valletta is its updated name.

Why does the whole world choose EXOCAD cracked version 2022

Modern doctors, aimed at providing the highest quality services to patients, can no longer imagine their activities without the use of computer technology. Bringing Exocad software to work opens up new prospects for specialists. Advanced dentists choose the program due to its advantages:

  • Maximum increase in labor productivity, which allows you to bring the clinic to a new level in patient care.
  • Consistently high results, especially noticeable when working with complex cases. Standard methods do not allow to achieve such efficiency.
  • Flexibility in work, which is achieved through the introduction of the latest research results in the field of modeling.
  • A wide range of opportunities for professional work, even in the basic configuration. These are anatomical crowns presented in libraries, caps, veneers, inlays, frames based on the wax-up wax model, bridge-shaped frames, lock joints (attachments), telescopic crowns. At the same time, the program can be easily supplemented with other modules that significantly expand the modeling capabilities.

Additional cracked modules

The basic version of EXOCAD can be expanded with the following modules:

  • The Implant Module for planning abutments. It comes with a wide range of dental libraries and support for a wide variety of implant systems – from models from leading manufacturers to products of lesser-known brands.
  • Exocad DICOM viewer is not an independent product, but a functional addition to the main software, a module designed specifically for analyzing and converting computer scan results into a three–dimensional format. The technology makes the development of dental restorations more accurate and less time-consuming. A significant advantage is full compatibility with other software products, which makes the module almost universal.
  • Exocad Bar module. The beam structure module allows you to quickly and easily implement both standard and complex individual beam structures. They are modeled taking into account all anatomical restorations for which the beam is intended. Any types of fasteners or holes for them can be added to the design. Thanks to various modeling proposals, it is possible to create dental beams that are ideal for complex clinical cases and provide the highest possible functional characteristics and comfort for patients.
  • Exocad Bite splint module. The therapeutic mouthguards module allows you to quickly simulate high-quality nocturnal occlusive mouthguards. The sensitivity of the program to the geometric parameters of the dentition is maximum, which allows you to recreate its contour with unique accuracy when scanning. The optimal result will be achieved in combination with the “virtual articulator” module. Real models can be milled or manufactured on almost any 3D printer.
  • Exocad Model Creator. The model design module allows for their physical implementation based on the data obtained using an intraoral scanner or by scanning an impression. The program allows you to create both options with removable segments, and monolithic structures, collapsible and non-collapsible models. In reality, they can be printed on almost any dental 3D printer.
  • The Exocad Virtual Calculator module. The virtual articulator allows users to perform dynamic modeling of the closure when creating crowns and bridges. With the help of the scanner, the positioning of plaster models in the physical articulator can be transferred to the program, which will create additional conditions for adjusting the parameters. It will be possible to successfully correct such indicators as the angle in the area of the rear left edge, the angle of inclination and the direct lateral shift.
  • The Exocad Provisional module. The module of temporary structures allows them to be created even in the case of broken teeth or excessive damage to the fragments of the dentition. The shape of the temporary structure can be obtained from dental libraries or copied from the original anatomical structure, if the condition of the patient’s own tooth allows it. If there is even a small source fragment, the program will be able to “grow” a clone with almost 100% accuracy. At the same time, perfect compatibility with the existing dental row, adjacent teeth is guaranteed. The presence of a large number of options, automatic and manual tools allows you to achieve maximum accuracy in creating such models.
  • Exocad Full Denture Module. The module of fully removable dentures provides the creation of highly aesthetic full removable dentures. In the future, this will make it possible to produce it by milling, printing or using a combination of these methods. The functional indicators of such a design will also be on top.
  • The Exocad Trusmile module. It serves for natural visualization of restorations, allows you to get it in real time, directly during the modeling process. Every doctor should own this program, because it is a powerful motivation for the patient. Having received a visual picture of the final result, having studied the future result on the monitor screen, he will be able to use the best of the available offers. As an example, it will be easier for the patient to make a decision and agree to install a ceramic crown instead of a metal one.
  • Exocad Tooth Library. The availability of an additional library of natural teeth is most in demand by those specialists who would like to have a wider choice of options for modeling. The scale of the proposal is evidenced by the fact that the developer presented only 61 sets of front teeth for the upper jaw and 19 sets, respectively, for the lower jaw and back teeth.
  • Exocad Partial Framework Modul. The module for creating braces, designed to simulate the corresponding partial removable prostheses, allows you to meet the needs of the most demanding specialists in this field, to achieve an optimal fit of the finished structure.
  • The Exocad Smile Creator module is designed to plan a patient’s smile and further predict the outcome of treatment. The modeling tools used allow you to edit photos of patients, converting the existing 2D format into the resulting digital result (3D). With its help, after analyzing all the initial data, individual anatomical features of the lines and proportions of the face, the specialist will be able to create the perfect smile of the patient. This gives dentists and dental technicians a realistic prospect of creating a rehabilitation treatment plan, determining its nature even at the planning stage. In addition to better monitoring of results, the quality of information exchange between dental laboratories, dentists and patients is improved.

Advantages of Exocad for doctors and clinics

Exocad is the most popular dental software. Consumers appreciate such parameters:

  • Easy to use, wide range of tools;
  • Reliability;
  • Constant updates and improvements of the program, it goes one step ahead of user requests;
  • Exocad, characterized by ease of use, helps to reduce training costs. According to user comments, already during the first day of application of the program, it was possible to fully implement it into work, to get the first results.
  • Flexible approach to financial costs, the ability to purchase only those modules that are planned to be used in work.
  • The absence of a mandatory annual subscription fee, the possibility of acquiring a perpetual license or using the service on the basis of a lease agreement.
  • Each user has ample opportunities to increase the level of competence and qualifications, which is facilitated by a variety of video tutorials.
  • It is a completely open program, compatible with most scanners. It is applicable to work with both intraoral and laboratory scanners. Outdated models previously agreed with other software are no exception.
  • The possibility of combining with any open CAD/CAM milling machine, 3d printer or equipment for cobalt-chromium laser sintering.

The desire to keep up with the demands of modern dentistry has allowed the company Exocad GmbH, founded in 2010, to create a product that fully meets the latest needs of users. For more than 10 years, the developer has been pleasing its users with software that is unique in its simplicity and capabilities. Every progressive-thinking dentist should familiarize himself with this offer. Having mastered the program, you will bring your clinic to a new level of service. The flow of patients seeking to receive the highest quality type of services is guaranteed to increase.



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