Dolphin Imaging Premium crack and license

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The Dolphin Imaging cracked program is designed for convenient work of a dentist with photographs and radiographs of patients, for clear visualization of the clinical situation and treatment results. It is also possible to combine, layering of extraoral and intraoral photos and snapshots. With such a program, it will not be difficult for you to show the patient how his teeth will look after a whitening session or, for example, after orthodontic treatment.

Dolphin 3D crack helps you work with 3D data.

It provides an opportunity for high-quality three-dimensional analysis, obtaining and working with 2D photographs in various projections, analyzing the TMJ, determining the exact three-dimensional location of nerves, superimposing several photos into one, creating your own films based on automated data, creating a 3D treatment plan and modeling.

  • 3D implantation planning.
  • Visualization of retented teeth at any angle.
  • Studying TRG in 3D mode.
  • Visualization of air spaces and the most narrowed anatomical areas.
  • Visualization of the course of nerves.


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