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Nowadays, modern 3D modeling or CAD/CAM technologies are increasingly used in the production of individual spare parts for dentures and implants. In contrast to the traditional, mechanical method of production, the use of computer programs and high-precision electronic printers and milling machines makes it possible to rethink the processes of autonomization and automation of dental laboratories in a new way.

Also, these tools allow you to achieve maximum accuracy of the models produced and significantly reduce the time spent on production. In this review, we will take a closer look at the most popular software that should be in the arsenal of a modern dental laboratory today.

What is CAD/CAM

  1. tabs;
  2. all-ceramic bridges;
  3. ceramic crowns processed by a milling machine;
  4. veneers;
  5. abutments (implants).


This software has many advantages, which explains its popularity among specialists:
The ability to create virtual models using the maximum number of necessary parameters: Bennett angle, condyle angle, articular pathway, immediate lateral displacement, magnitude of retrusion and protrusion, etc.

Possibility of integration with various devices from other manufacturers;
the simplicity and clarity of the interface is suitable for both beginners and represents a powerful tool in the hands of specialists.

Shape 3D

3Shape RealView™ is an application that allows dental technicians to create plausible images by adding photos of the patient’s face to the project, developed 3D models. This tool allows you to conduct a timely analysis of the work done, as well as to achieve maximum results in achieving optimal aesthetic characteristics.

Dental System™ is an engine for three-dimensional modeling that provides a powerful automated workflow, including the management of large orders and high-speed interaction.

3Shape Dental Desktop™ is a platform designed to combine all digital dental applications into an integrated interface, integrated into a common workflow – it doesn’t matter if you work from a computer, tablet or phone. With another application, 3Shape Communicate®, you can easily share scans and models in a shared cloud, and collaborate on projects together with other dentists, surgeons and dental technicians.

Avantis 3D

Virtual patient – combining in a single scene the data of the patient’s face (by photo or scan), dentition and digital tomography data.
Diagnostics and detailed analysis of the articulator, tomography data, TRG/ TMJ analysis, etc.
Ortho-design – planning of the dentition alignment process using visualization, analysis of approximal and occlusal contacts, designing models for the production of aligners, etc.

Implant-master – position planning and template design, with various types of fixation and arbitrarily set parameters of the navigation system and guide bushings.
Gnato Studio – 3D analysis of the relative position of the elements used, calculation of the movement of the woofer and new joint data. The possibility of clinical 3D modeling.


  • ZWCAD – a program for 2D/3D computer-aided design;
  • ZW3D is a universal CAD/CAM solution.
  • PC multiprocessing support;
  • using half as much RAM;
  • the highest level of compatibility with DWG formats;
  • Increased productivity, instant file opening speed and stability of working with large projects;
  • Powerful functional API system.

In a word, a very simple and affordable program, unpretentious in requirements.

CAD / CAM this abbreviation from English literally means the following: Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacture – translated means: computer-aided design/manufacturing systems.

For the first time, such systems appeared back in the distant 1980s, and were initially used in a slightly different field, or rather in the industry of production of metal-cutting machines and high-precision machining of parts in the manufacture of cars, jewelry processing and some other areas. Further implementation in various fields allowed the use of this technique in the dental field.

Nowadays, software and related equipment help at all production stages – from design development to the production of parts. Innovative electronic technologies are everywhere introduced into the methods of modern medicine and treatment.’

The CAD/CAM program recreates a three-dimensional anatomical shape for further press workpieces. Subsequently, it is applied to the frame, and temporary crowns are designed in full profile and other details are displayed.

The developed model is viewed from any desired angle, and the projection is viewed in a certain selected lighting. In addition, you can revise and change any part of the object, up to a complete restructuring of the structure. After clarification and approval of the project, a detailed project with drawings with numerical designations of dimensions is set on the production apparatus.

Computerization of dental production provides virtually unlimited possibilities for restoration. Models manufactured using new technologies are characterized by ideal fitting properties, increased biological compatibility, durability and a natural aesthetic appearance.

Exocad positions itself as a manufacturer of a reliable, simple and stable platform suitable for most modern applications.

In fact, in laboratory practice, everything works as simply as possible. Individual jaw casts are initially placed inside the device and scanned in various positions considered in relation to the articulator frames.

Similarly, the software scans in space the position of virtual teeth relative to the hinge axis. In a custom application project, the model is placed in a virtual space. As a result, it is possible to achieve excellent modeling results that fully correspond to the individual characteristics of the patient’s jaw.

3Shape is another equally popular developer company that creates solutions for three-dimensional scanning and software for CAD systems. Today, the company has 700 employees, including more than 275 specialists around the world engaged in product development. A real sense of innovation and the opportunity to imagine what medicine will be like in the near future – that’s what working with Shape 3D software modules gives. At the same time, developers are introducing unique technologies of the “present future” into the functionality.




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