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A reliable platform with a good reputation

Leading manufacturers have chosen exocad software for their Dental CAD/CAM offerings: thousands of [email protected] DentalCAD licenses are sold annually.

Our mission is to expand the capabilities of digital dentistry, as well as to provide Stable, reliable and easy-to-use software solutions for a rapidly developing market.

Openness and integration

As an independent software vendor
Software We are open to integration with a wide range of third-party devices. For system integrators, exocad — This is an ideal choice when creating their systems. and end users get the opportunity to choose the system that best meets their specific tasks.

A promising solution

The decision in favor of exocad is a promising solution. Our software
It is in a STATE of CONSTANT active development both by our programmers team of specialists. and in close cooperation with our partners.

The development model provides effective
communication and management by practicing dentists and our software engineers in order to ensure optimal convenience in everyday use. and also to anticipate new trends in the field of digital stoiatology.

The computer world is changing, and we are READY for it, Thanks to the support of the Microsoft Surface Pro platform, exocad offers a full-fledged. CAD software. working on tablet computers.

Powerful dental computer-aided design system EXOCAD DENTAL CAD

exocad® Dental CAD is the leading proprietary dental computer-aided design (CAD) I system for OEM manufacturers: great for novice users, but it will also be a powerful tool in the hands of an experienced specialist.

Our CAD system is known for its high speed and ease of operation, which significantly reduces training costs and increases labor productivity. The system is reliable and stable even during the daily processing of complex products.

A wide range of indications

Already in its standard configuration, exocad® Dental CAD covers a wide range of indications:
• Anatomical crowns
• Anatomical caps
• Simple caps
• Bridge-like frames
• Tabs
• Overlays
• Veneers
• Digital copy milling of the wax model • Frames based on a wax model
• Primary telescopes
• Extra-coronal locking fasteners

Opportunities increase with your experience

As soon as you get acquainted with the basic functionality of our software, you will realize that the discoveries are just beginning:

• Working with preoperative models and adapting your restorations to them.
• Saving real 3D PDF files to send by email for the purpose of previewing models that can be viewed in 3D using a standard PDF viewer.
• Copying previous designs or mirroring healthy teeth.
• Loading 20 images during the design process.
• Advanced grid editing capabilities and their corresponding functions.

Plug-in extensions for additional readings

For more complex indications, such as splinting teeth, abutments and others, there are special extensions.

The implant module

For the construction of abutments and bridges with screw fixation

Design of individual abutments

The implant module for exocad makes the design of individual abutments easy and understandable. When designing bridges based on individual abutments. the software itself will take care of that. so that all abutments. on which the bridge is supported, there was the same axis of staging.

Screw-fixed bridges

Designing screw-fixed bridges, crowns and caps also becomes an easy task. Take advantage of our advanced screw channel design feature to facilitate subsequent ceramic coating application and minimize the risk of chipping.

High performance and process reliability

Individual abutments and their frames can be designed within the same CAD session. If during the design phase the parameters of the abutment and the frame were set correctly, then it is possible to achieve their optimal fit by creating all parts at once during the design of the frame – without the intermediate stage of re-scanning the finished abutment. It doesn’t matter if you are doing milling work at home or using the services of a milling center, exocad supports a wide range of home milling systems, and files created by exocad software. accepted by leading production centers.

The implant libraries are already included

The delivery package of the implant module for exocad includes an extended set of implant libraries. both for the use of titanium bases and for the design of non-collapsible abutments or bridges with screw fixation.

Virtual Articulator module

For dynamic occlusion

Exocad’s virtual articulator allows users to take dynamic occlusion into account when designing crowns and bridges. The location of plaster models inside a real articulator can be precisely transferred to the program (using any scanner that also supports virtual articulation), which gives ideal results that meet the individual needs of the patient.

Parameters such as condyle angle, Bennett angle, direct lateral displacement can be configured in the same way. as on a real articulator, or can be imported from third-party measurement systems via any open format created on the basis of XML

Module of rod structures

For the design of complicated rod structures

The rod structure module from exocad allows you to quickly and easily design both standard and complicated individual rod structures. Rod structures are designed in the context of complete anatomical restorations, additions or fasteners can be added to the structure, as well as cylindrical holes or even holes of arbitrary shape can be cut to screw or glue ready-made additions to the rod.

Thanks to well-thought-out design options, the barbell module from exocad allows you to create barbell structures that meet complex clinical cases and provide patients with maximum comfort.

The production of rod structures with optimal fit requires an ultra-precise scanning system. Our software is characterized by integration with high-precision measuring instruments, including tactile scanners, for JM to ensure high reliability of the process

Module for creating models

To create physical models

The model creation module from exocad allows you to create physical models from intraoral scanning data or scanning casts. Both the design of models with removable segments (using pre-made basic elements) and the design of monolithic models (where only the pre-prepared workpiece changes) are supported.


Module of temporary constructions

To create temporary crowns and bridges

With the help of the temporary structures module, individual temporary crowns and bridges can be developed using the eggshell method. Temporary structures are created based on scanning of the preoperative condition (forms of temporary crowns/bridges), or can be copied from the natural anatomy (if the natural tooth is still in good enough shape), or dental libraries can be used.

DICOM Viewer

For visualization of three-dimensional image elements taken from CT scanners during the design process

The DentalCAD platform from exocad contains an integrated DICOM viewer. allowing you to see a three-dimensional image of the data obtained from computed tomographs in the process of creating structures for the restoration of teeth. Thanks to the integrated HTTP server, exocad software allows you to exchange online data on implants and the location of teeth with third-party applications, such as with implantation planning programs. DICOM Viewer is supplied as an additional module and requires a video card with at least 1.5 GB of memory.

The module of splinting teeth

To create night mouthguards

With the help of the exocad dental splinting module, the production of therapeutic night mouthguards becomes fast and high-quality. To achieve optimal personalized results, it is recommended to use the dental splinting module in combination with the virtual articulator module, the resulting files can be used both for milling and for output to a 3D printer

TruSmile Technology

For realistic creation of dental restorations in real time

Exocad’s TruSmile technology provides an image of dental restoration of almost photographic quality. This happens in real time during the design process. Besides what you see on the screen. TruSmile can also become a powerful advertising tool for dentists using CAD/SAM systems in the presence of patients, for example, to convince the patient to opt for ceramic tooth restoration instead of using metal crowns.

The program has preset visualization settings for such common materials as ceramics. NP-metal. zirconium dioxide. In addition, equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can adapt the visualization settings for the materials they provide. TruSmile comes as an optional module and requires a 3D graphics card of at least the middle class (Nvidia GeForce GTX 460 or faster).


Two of the three best-selling 5-axis dental milling machines take advantage of the easy-to-handle interface from exocam. There is a reason for this.

Even for beginners, excam allows you to use the latest achievements of SELF-technologies. seamlessly integrated into CAD software.

Exocam Features:

• Placement of structures in the block of material
• Production queue management
• Material block management
• Visualization of the toolpath, simulation of milling


Seamlessly integrate your scanner with the exocad® Dental CAD platform

EXOSCAN is a complete scanning software solution designed to work with a wide range of scanners and scanning technologies.
Are you engaged in the distribution of ZO-scanning technologies and want your products to be presented on the dental market? Using the evoscan program, Exo CAD will help you connect your scanner to our DentalCAD platform using an easy-to-use and fully integrated graphical user interface.

Dentalshare by exocad

Fast, secure and easy communication

Thanks to dental share. Users can exchange large sets of Zy data without having to deal with sending and receiving files via email, file web hosting or FTP servers.

Send and receive datasets directly inside the exocad software platform.

Our task is not just to upload files to the
milling center, we strive to cover the entire spectrum of multidirectional digital communication between dentists, dental technicians and production centers.

dentalshare uses the latest generation of compression technology combined with a noise-tolerant data transfer protocol, so you can transfer large data sets even through unreliable mobile networks or restrictive firewalls.

To ensure maximum reliability and high network throughput, exocad uses its own distributed server infrastructure with numerous gigabit Internet connections and servers located in Europe and the USA.
No data transfer fee and no commission*

With dentalshare, we do not encroach on your profits. We do not charge any data transfer fees and no commissions from production centers.

Transparency and confidentiality

As a dentalshare user you have full control over that. what data is sent and when. We know that certain information exists. which you would not want to share with the recipient of your dataset. For example, a dental technician, when sending a data set to another laboratory for milling, may well not want to disclose information about that. which dentist does he work for.

All data transmission channels are encrypted using modern encryption technology.

Implantation planning

exoplan is an integrated solution for three—dimensional implant placement planning

We have applied our accumulated experience in creating easy-to-use and affordable digital dental solutions in the field of implantation planning. exoplan downloads DICOM data from a wide range of CT/DVT machines, and also provides advanced two-dimensional and three-dimensional visualization and analysis capabilities. A clear and understandable sequence of operations is accompanied by step-by-step instructions throughout the planning of implant placement.





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