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The work of even a small dental office provides for the creation and maintenance of a variety of different documents. Patient records, appointments to the doctor, salary reports, accounting for the issuance of medicines and many other paperwork should be kept daily at any dental office. To perform such work,...

Top 10 Assistants for Dental Technicians

Equipment for dental clinic or office - not an easy task. Especially, if it is also planned to place a dental laboratory there. The modern market of medical equipment offers dozens of names and hundreds of brands. Each of which has certain features, positive and negative qualities. (more…)

Prosthetic teeth, metal-free ceramics.

Metal-free ceramics is a very modern type of prosthetics. Here we can always solve the problems of aesthetics of the teeth. Metal-free constructions are made of special, especially strong ceramics without the addition of a metal frame, which gives the final design the necessary aesthetic appearance. (more…)