Prosthetic teeth, metal-free ceramics.

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Metal-free ceramics is a very modern type of prosthetics. Here we can always solve the problems of aesthetics of the teeth. Metal-free constructions are made of special, especially strong ceramics without the addition of a metal frame, which gives the final design the necessary aesthetic appearance.

Methods of using metal-free ceramics.

Metal-free ceramics are made crowns (here the tooth is processed completely), veneers (only the front part of the tooth is processed), so-called ceramic inlays and onlays (inlay, onlay) in all those cases when it is necessary to replace old extensive fillings and prolong the life of the tooth with minimal losses of  hard tissue. Here a lot of problems are solved in favor of the patient. If you have dark teeth by nature, old fillings have darkened, there are slight chipped teeth on the front teeth, sometimes you don’t like the shape of your teeth, which nature has bestowed on you, then most likely the dentist will advise you just metal-free ceramics. The rest is in your hands. Ceramics is the only material to which there is no allergic reaction of the body.

As the name implies, crowns made from this material are completely metal-free. Namely, unlike cermet, which is a metal cap lined with ceramics, metal-free ceramics is entirely porcelain. It is this feature that determines the basic positive properties of metal-free ceramics.

The merits of metalless ceramics.

Metal-free ceramics does not have a metal frame, and is a sufficiently strong base made of special ceramics. This technology allows you to solve the problems of the front teeth. Outwardly, such a crown is indistinguishable from a living tooth.

Metal-free ceramics allows you to make dentures. This technology is today named by the leading dentists of the world as the safest and most advantageous. Porcelain is an inert material, it does not have any impact on the environment. Thus, metal-free ceramics do not harm the human body. Crown of metal-free ceramics are made strictly in accordance with the shape and color of the patient’s teeth. All qualities of the denture are very important for the patient. Here, metal-free ceramics can show their best.

Metal-free ceramics on aesthetic properties is very similar to a real tooth. Metal-free ceramics have the same degree of light refraction as the tooth enamel. Externally, a crown made of metal-free ceramics, always taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient’s natural teeth, even for a highly qualified dental specialist, it can’t be indistinguishable from a patient’s living tooth. So from the cosmetic point of view, metal-free ceramics is the most ideal material for modeling a tooth. However, it must be recalled that practicality in use is no less important than beauty. More recently, it was believed that the crowns of metal-free ceramics can be put only on the front teeth, that is why, it was possible to use it more likely for aesthetic reasons.

Metal-free ceramics

in principle, wasn’t designed for the loads that chewing teeth have to withstand, for example, when eating food. But recently, in the manufacture of metal-free ceramics, injection molding technology is used. Crowns obtained in this way are much stronger than those that were made before.

Metal-free ceramics is an ideal solution from the point of view of both the dentist and the patient. That is why metal-free ceramics is becoming increasingly popular with patients.

Metal-free ceramics is one of the newest achievements in dentistry, which allows you to make light, reliable and aesthetic dentures (crowns). Externally, such a crown, even for the dentist is indistinguishable from a living tooth.

Metal-free ceramics are absolutely harmless to the body. Ceramic crowns are made entirely in accordance with the shape and color of the patient’s teeth.

During the period of making permanent constructions, the patient may put a temporary crown (temporary prosthesis). That will hide the defect and the patient will never have difficulty in communication.



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