Top 10 Assistants for Dental Technicians

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Equipment for dental clinic or office – not an easy task.

Especially, if it is also planned to place a dental laboratory there. The modern market of medical equipment offers dozens of names and hundreds of brands. Each of which has certain features, positive and negative qualities.

It is important to remember that the selection of tools for dental technicians is 50% of the success of the whole business. Because the equipment largely determines the quality of service. The more extensive the set of tools, the more attractive the clinic will be compared to other competitors. In a modern dental laboratory, there must be tools for measuring, cleaning, and various types of processing parts and fully assembled prosthetic structures.

How to equip the laboratory of a dental technician?

There are 10 basic tools, without which it is impossible to imagine the full and high-quality work of a dental laboratory.


  1. Furnaces: for firing metal-ceramic or muffle. Used for heating consumables. It is recommended to pay attention to the models with the possibility of smooth temperature adjustment and different heating modes. Properly selected stove will allow the master to work even with the most delicate and fragile structures.
  2. Foundry installation. Required for casting molds, elements and complete products.
  3. Polymerizer. Allows you to work with different types of plastics when creating product arrays or holistic implants.
  4. Press. Used for molding products. It can be used when working with metals and plastic. Often involved in the process of dental restorations.
  5. Steam jet or sandblasting machines. Used when it is necessary to clean the finished products or workpieces of unnecessary elements or small debris. The most popular are models with numerous programs. They allow you to protect the user from errors in the work, as well as select the desired mode in a given situation.

Also you need:

6. Dental vibration table. This tool is used in the process of compressing investment masses. It ensures the absence of moisture and air.

7. Vacuum mixer. The device allows you to get from a set of different substances a homogeneous mass without unnecessary inclusions of moisture or air.

8. Trimmer. One of the most important tools of any dental laboratory. Without it, it is impossible to provide high-quality processing of any solid surface – metal, plaster or other material. Often the trimmer is included in an automated set of equipment. With which you can not only process surfaces, for example, polish, but also make holes in them or carry out welding work. A huge plus of such equipment is almost complete automation and no need to attract a professional operator. The device program fits all elements of the future prosthesis as accurately as possible, ensuring the highest quality of the final result.

9. Intraoral scanner. This device in the dental laboratory is necessary to remove and study the size of the jaw of the patient in order to avoid inaccuracies when creating a prosthesis.

10. Device for making mouth guards. It is used at the stage of correctional work of any orthodontic disorders. For the patient, soft mouth guards are made, which he will wear overnight to enhance the bite correction effect.



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