Planning of dental implantation surgery in the Blue Sky Plan program crack

Table of contents

Any operation, including dental implantation, should be carefully planned. There are many planning programs in the arsenal of implantologists, but among all the variety it is worth highlighting the American Blue Sky Plan program crack or license of the Blue Sky Bio company. It is not only dynamically developing, constantly being supplemented with various modules, but is also free, more precisely, the fee in the program is charged only if you need to create an STL model necessary for printing a surgical guide template or a jaw model on a 3D printer.

As an example, let’s consider the planning of dental implantation surgery with a single defect included in the Blue Sky Plan full cracked program.

  • In all CT scanners, the source format is a DICOM (*dcm) file. Radiologists record CT scans on digital media either as a single file or separately for each slice. For the Blue Sky Plan activated program, this does not matter, it perceives both types of recording.
  • after importing DICOM files from a CT scanner, it is necessary to adjust the tissue density for 3D reconstruction by moving the density slider under the 3D reconstruction.
  • The density scale is shifted from more mineralized tissues to less mineralized (from left to right).
  • Next, we create a model of the jaw.
  • Now it is necessary to build a panoramic curve for correct visualization of the frontal slice. To do this, you need to move the axial slice to the level of bifurcations / trifurcations of the roots and mark the entire jaw arch, completing the manipulation with a double mouse click.
  • Next, we virtually add the future crown from the library.
  • And only now we are starting to add the implant. The convenience of working with the program adds the integration of the Conmet system implant database.
  • It is necessary to check the position of the implant in all planes and sections, as well as to make sure that the safety zone is observed before anatomical structures and other implants.
  • Now the operation plan can be saved in PDF format and printed out, or simply use the image on the monitor during the operation as a visual reminder of the implant position.

The Blue Sky Plan program allows you to plan dental implantation operations quickly and informatively, and also has great potential and capabilities.



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