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    3Shape Implant Studio 2021 cracked version.

    The program for implantation planning and template design Implant Studio ™ cracked version software was developed by the well-known company 3Share. Thanks to her, the dental clinic can provide services for the production of templates and protocols, including diagnostic models made of wax.


    Implant Studio dongle crack significantly expands the capabilities of the laboratory and will become a necessary acquisition for this field. The program has a simple and user-friendly interface, it is additional to the Dental System. Now the doctor can have a complete understanding of the clinical case and develop models, taking into account the individual characteristics of the client.


    Advantages Implant Studio 2021 activated crack version:

    • Reduces the time of reception and the number of visits
    • Makes it possible to take advantage of digital accuracy and reduce the probability of error of manual operations
    • Increases the predictability of the final location of implants and the result of restoration
    • Allows you to create the appropriate surgical procedure every time and avoid unforeseen complications
    • Thanks to less invasive methods and faster healing, it improves patient comfort and overall impression

    Revolutionary changes in the workflow

    • Open information. Upload the open format of the CBCT scan and the surface scan. Get surface scans from 3Shape TRIOS ® crack , from other third-party scanners and from your laboratory.
    • Placement of virtual crowns. As a planning guide, arrange virtual crowns, thus achieving high results in both aesthetics and functionality.
    • Planning the optimal placement of implants. Install the implants in virtual mode taking into account the clinical situation, including prosthetics, bone density and nerve location.
    • Modeling of a surgical template. Easily create the design of surgical templates based on the location of the implants and the scan of the surface.
    • Creation of prosthetics components. Using the placement of implants, dental technicians can model and produce a wide range of prosthetics components in Dental System ™ dongle version .
    • Performing the operation in one step. Get a complete package, including surgical templates and prosthetics components, and perform the operation in one go.

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