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    about 3Shape Ortho System 2021 cracked license version

    3Shape Ortho System full crack version 2021 is a system of modules. This feature allows you to choose modules with basic options or expand your capabilities with additional modules. Avantis 3D can be used as a scanner program.

    The program interface 3Shape Ortho activated cracked version itself is clear and easy to use. There are a huge number of functions inside the program that facilitate many stages of admission:

    Natural color reproduction and determination of the tooth shade on the Vita scale;

    • Determination of malocclusion pathology;
    • Intraoral camera with high quality;
    • Control of occlusal relationships of the jaws;
    • Scanning of impressions and bite rolls;
    • The ability to block the scanned surface;
    • Obtaining a virtual impression and the ability to check its quality.

    CAD/CAM software from 3shape

    With the help of this innovative technique , the following orthopedic structures can be made:

    • Tabs;
    • Crowns;
    • Overlays;
    • Veneers;
    • Implants;
    • Bridges (up to 5 units);
    • Pin structures, etc.

    3shape scanner with CAD/CAM cracked software has the following advantages:

    • High speed of orthopedic construction manufacturing;
    • Comfortable conditions for the patient during the reception;
    • Saving the doctor’s time;
    • Production of up to 1000 volumetric images;
    • Light fastness of scans;
    • High accuracy of work;
    • Aesthetics;
    • The result of the scan is quickly transmitted to the laboratory.

    Our hacked program has a simple interface and the ability not only to diagnose the pathology of the dental system, but also to simulate an orthopedic structure, as well as to recreate it using computer technology.

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