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  • Incredible digital implant generation just in a couple of minutes.
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  • Reduced staff costs: the application does everything instead of a potential assistant.
  • Making difficult cases easier than ever before.
  • Fast tooth segmentation.
  • 3D Orthodontic software with Auto Teeth Alignment Technology
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    Autolign crack all modules

    The World’s First 3D Orthodontic Software with Auto Teeth Alignment Technology. 

    • Data Management

    You can save a digital model of the client’s teeth.

    3D Setup

    AUTOLIGN different functions make the setup process much easier and simpler. various functions.

    • Modeler

    Create models step-by-step.

    • Bracket

    Generates various layout charts automatically without any additional work
    Smooth slide show functions.

    Complex and time-consuming setup process gets easier and faster with AUTOLIGN’s various functions.

    autolign all modules

    • Real-time collision management

    Real MESH™, a high-performance parallel processing engine maintains calculations faster with an option of managing teeth collision

    Simple Information Management

    You can save all needed information about the patient in the database.

    • Fast Tooth Segmentation

    Now segmentation is faster than in the previous versions.


    Quick 2-point setting on each tooth 30 seconds


    Convenient and precise detailed fine-tuning

    Tooth Axis & FA/Facc 

    Precise tooth setting

    • Edit Tooth 

    You can edit tooth shape

    • Multiple Setup

    You can complete multiple 3D setups

    • Tooth Control

    ​With automatic screen transition, you can set torque/tip quickly

    • Intuitive Tooth Property

    ​Extraction, fixation, and IPR using intuitive interface

    • SuperCeph 

    You can set incisor and molar locations more precisely by superimposing lateral X-rays

    • Various Analysis Tools 

    You can check symmetric lines, reports, tooth movement information, etc.
    Tooth movement information

    • Modeler – Auto Contact Check

    ​You can check whether there is a tooth collision at each step

    • Bracket Auto Contact

    ​Brackets are attached automatically on tooth surface

    • Common Tools

    ​Overlap / Occlusal contact / Animation 

    You no longer need an assistant because Autolign performs almost all the work of a potential assistant, also doing the job required much faster. You need just 10 minutes to create a smile design plan that can help to achieve maximum quality of work and leave the client satisfied after the procedure.

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