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    aboutCEREC SW 5.2.2 cracked version

    Thanks to the CEREC SW software, the process of obtaining digital casts has never been so simple, intuitive and ergonomic. The “guided scan” function will help you quickly and accurately create a digital impression of the entire jaw. The software is designed so that it can be easily mastered: the feedback function and detailed instructions allow you to always know what to do. Such simple operation means that you can easily entrust the receipt of casts to your assistant. Digital data can be quickly exported to third-party service providers for liner manufacturing or restorations in a dental laboratory.

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    • export scan data to STL format
    • Without subscription fees and additional payments
    • Free use of the data exchange portal

    CEREC SW software cracked version full (for modeling and production)

    • Intuitive interface
    • Step-by-step simulation mode
    • Exporting a model in STL format
    • Modeling modes (BioJaw, correlation, copying and reflection, virtual catalogs of teeth)
    • Biogenetic variations
    • Smile design using patient’s photo
    • Determining the color of the patient’s teeth
    • Virtual Articulator

    Advantages of using CEREC AC Omnicam crack activated version

    • One of the most popular scanners for many years
    • Fast and accurate scanning in realistic colors
    • Time-tested scanning technology
    • Small scanning head
    • Powder-free scanning technology with anti-fog optics system
    • Realistic color images and automatic detection of tooth shade on the Vita scale
    • Scope of application: single teeth, quadrant, full jaw.

    Full-color images

    Natural color reproduction and accurate determination of the tooth color will help you to accurately distinguish between the edge of the preparation and the gums and ideally select the desired shade of the tooth. The image in natural color will impress not only patients.

    Work on several restorations at the same time

    For example, while doing a complete anterior reconstruction, you can design veneers, crowns and bridges in parallel. Design tools can be applied to contralateral teeth from two different quadrants. This option gives a highly aesthetic result and pleases patients.

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