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DDS Pro 2020 crack

Buy activated DDS PRO 2020 crack and you will be surprised at the modernization and increased productivity of your work as a dentist.

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    About DDS PRO cracked version

    The DDS-Pro program CRACK is intended for professional use in dental surgery. it accompanies the process of diagnostics of dental prosthetic implantation procedures. A powerful affordable solution designed to help dentists produce dental guide drills for tens of euros, rather than hundreds of euros at the current price. All you need to design dental guide drills is this SOFTWARE, a 3D printer, or a milling processing center. Modern production of a product takes several hours, not days or even weeks.

    Higher quality implants for your patients

    Dental guide drills improve implant accuracy in surgery, and they reduce the risk of patient discomfort. They help dentists with less implantation experience to achieve better results with more confidence, and patients are assured of better dental care. The cost of surgical products allows us to offer implants at a more affordable price for Your patients.

    Improved accuracy of the implantation operation

    DDS-Pro also overlays a working model with DICOM data to help you determine the correct size and position of the implant more accurately than was previously possible. The resulting digital model can be obtained in a standard format that is suitable for any 3D printer or milling center.

    DDS-Pro is simple. If you want to try it and not invest a lot of money in learning — this is the best option. As an entry level, after which you can switch to more professional systems-this is a very good option. But no more than that. With those who like to argue-we will answer with simple math. We have only one clinic that performs 180 operations with templates per year. We consider: the program 300 + 180 templates * 30 euros = 5,700 euros. This is a huge cost for this level of program. Professional analogues from 3Shape, Exocad, and ZirconZahn cost from $ 2,500 to 3,000 euros when purchased, and around 800 euros per year from the second year for updates. However, there are no restrictions on the output of ready-made files for printing. Well, if you are not sure that you need surgical templates or they may not take root in the clinic. But if you succeed, be sure to switch to more professional systems — they will be cheaper.

    Buy program crack


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