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    dental wings software 2021 cracked version

    DWOS dental software was developed by a well-known Canadian company and is in demand due to its versatility. In addition to the full set of functions, the program is compatible with most models of dental 3D scanners – this is convenient if equipment of different brands is used in the equipment.

    In fact, the software consists of several applications that allow you to perform a full range of work for modeling implants and dental templates, analyzing scanned data, including measurements, and sharing them with other specialists and libraries.

    The main feature of this software is full architectural openness – when you purchase this software, you will automatically have unlimited access to the services and services of the partners of the developer company.

    Initially, the DWOS platform was intended for completing Dental Wings 3D scanners, but today it is a full-fledged CAD product, the capabilities of which can be significantly expanded thanks to the add-on of certain modules. In our online store you can buy cheap the best licensed dental software to increase the productivity of the clinic and improve the quality of service.

    dental wings crack  Software modules:

    • Crowns and bridges

    The Crown & Bridge application is the basis of the technological process of prosthetics in DWOS cracked. Its extensive capabilities and functionality are suitable for solving the most complex tasks.

    • Partial dentures

    The DWOS Partial Frameworks crack application provides the user with intuitive design tools that will help a technician transfer their knowledge to a digital environment. The end result is simply amazing. Partial frames are designed with high precision in less than 10 minutes, significantly saving time and materials.

    • Surgical Templates

    DWOS crack version includes coDiagnostiX, a high-tech, easy-to-use software for directional surgery, which was previously sold by Straumann. coDiagnostiX is used for all aspects of directional surgery: 3D implant planning, design and production of surgical templates, as well as temporary restoration. coDiagnostiX is part of an open system and provides access to the library of implant systems of all major implant manufacturers.

    • Complete prostheses

    DWOS cracked provides a simple and efficient way to digitally design complete removable dentures. Intuitive tools help the dental technician to perform the familiar technological process digitally, spending much less time on it and taking advantage of all the advantages of automatic functionality for extremely accurate and aesthetic placement of teeth.

    Beams and bridges with screw fixation, abutments

    “dwos abutments & SRBB” provides the functionality of designing individual abutments, implant beams and complete virtual diagnostic models for bridges and screw-fixed beams (SRBB), as well as provides access to a wide range of implant systems. The design of all morphological elements of the prosthesis is completely complex: the software automatically generates anatomical details for planning the optimal attachment of the abutment.

    • Model Builder

    dwos model builder dump meets the requirements for scanning the oral cavity and taking casts by scanning. The application provides laboratories with a unique opportunity to replace the manual modeling process with a similar digital process. Using any production process, it is possible to produce physical rotary models with slots, as well as stamps with pins and grooves.

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