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DentiqGuide 2022 (build 1.3.05) crack or cracked dongle

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    about DentiqGuide 2022 (build 1.3.05) cracked version

    DentiqGuide is a dental implant planning and design software for performing implants
    planning and modeling prosthetics-based treatment and developing any surgical guidelines, including even toothless cases.

    Our implant planning and design software supports various implant surgery cases for dental clinics and fully implements an open digital implantation workflow for dental laboratories and suppliers. This means that you can offer your patients the best results.

    Key Features DentiqGuide 1.3.05 cracked full version

    • Supports fast and accurate implant treatment planning, virtual simulation and surgical guidance design using high-quality 3D imaging, high alignment accuracy and high performance digital design.
    • Provides flexible stages of the digital workflow that can be adapted according to the user’s purpose – scanning, planning, design and printing.
    • Provides an extended temporary crown design.
    • Support various clinical indications of the patient, including fully or partially non-dental cases.
    • Creation of a 3D printing model database for preoperative verification of treatment planning.
    • Easy management of implant libraries, as well as various implant libraries.
    • Cost-effective software payment policy based on the print payment model.

    New in DentiqGuide version  1.3.5 cracked full 2022

    Library Preset function

    The implant, abutment and sleeve, which are often used for each tooth, can be installed, so you can quickly and easily simulate an implant.

    Analysis of operative surgery

    Through CBCT registration, the difference in distance and angles between the simulated implant and the actual implant is automatically calculated.

    Two-part Surgical manual

    The user can use a two-part manual, such as an occlusion manual and a surgical manual, this helps and makes toothless surgery more convenient and accurate.

    Interaction of DentiqGuide and PMS

    Patient management has been simplified by linking patient information and image data.

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