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    Digital Smile System crack

    Digital Smile System is the first software that allows you to digitally implement the aesthetic and functional design of a smile using simple and automated tools.

    Using this tool…

    the dentist will be able to provide the patient with a preview of the result of the prosthesis and provide the dental technician with all the information necessary to perform the work.

    1. Special glasses allow you to take a photo of the patient correctly. Thanks to the landmarks, the software makes accurate measurements and allows you to track parameters such as symmetry, overlapping and proportionality.
    2. To implement the project, only two images are needed, a smiling face of the patient and an intraoral photo. But, if it’s necessary, for further work, you can upload additional photos of the patient.
    3. The program has built-in libraries of teeth, as well as the ability to create custom libraries. allow you to meet all the needs of the patient. In addition, the Digital Smile System also has additional tools, such as outlines, the perfect smile lines and the golden section, which help the user with the design.

    The advantage of this software dongle is that it is a real opportunity to show the patient the result of the simulation before the treatment protocol is adopted.

    In this case, the winner are both: the doctor, because he can be sure of the positive reaction of the patient, the dental technician, who will receive not only the task but also the visualization of the final result, and, of course, the patient who does not have to worry about the treatment process. Progressive software for progressive dentists.

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