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dolphin imaging software crack full version

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dolphin imaging crack

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Dolphin Imaging and Management Solutions is a leading global provider in 2D/3D imaging, diagnostic, practice management and patient education software for dental specialists.

Since 1988, dolphin imaging orthodontics has been developing software that improves the quality and efficiency of dental practice. A set of software modules allows you to work with photographs, X-rays, diagnose, plan treatment and make presentations of clinical cases.

The main software module Dolphin Imaging allows you to manage photos, images and x-rays. In an accessible form for the patient, create a presentation of the treatment plan using powerful and intuitively simple tools.

For a favorable price you’ll have:

  • organization of patient photos in the desired sequence within the standard template, a wide toolbar for image editing;
  • import of X-ray images and other images using the TWAIN standard, full integration with digital X-ray machines;
  • orthodontic and surgical modeling: a rapid change in the contours of the patient’s profile to demonstrate the predicted outcome of treatment, modeling of frontal images, detailed drawing tools;
  • creation of automatic cephalometric marking;
  • image comparison step by step in real time;
  • the ability to print x-rays in 1: 1 scale;
  • creating PowerPoint presentations;
  • increasing the effectiveness of communication with the patient.

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