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The eLAB team is a diverse group of friends and enthusiasts from around the world with an interest in orthodontics, clinical dentistry, dental technology, physics and industrial design.

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    about eLAB prime patch 2.0.0 cracked 2020

    New improved abilities

    The new cracked eLAB patch enables dental technicians to conveniently import their digital photos for each new case. An image analysis is carried out automatically immediately after the upload. The teeth are automatically recognized by an AI (artificial intelligence) specially trained for this task and the color values are measured. The required recipe for coating the dentures is displayed immediately.

    Top useful functions

    From capturing digital photos to automatic measurement to issuing prescriptions – and provides optimal support for the user in his work. The innovative app replaces the previous approach of manually taking color measurements with the help of image processing programs (e.g. Adobe Lightroom). In this way, a higher quality of the shade of the implant is achieved and the effort for revisions by the dental technician is significantly reduced.

    Activated eLAb prime patch 2.0.0 now even can make a daily report:

    eLab creates graphical reports, including day-by-day business reports or registration reports. The solution offers a designer module that enables users to create and redesign professional test report templates. In addition, users can assign short codes to complex medical terms and place them in the result-entry forms to avoid manual mistakes.

    Modernized standarts

    The eLAB system is developing into the new standard for analysis and color measurement in restorative dental treatment. eLAB determines the exact color values ​​of the tooth surface of their patients for dental technicians on the basis of digital photos. The software analyzes the data and automatically generates a recipe with the help of which precisely fitting dental prostheses can be created.

    Become a digital dentist with the modern dental design that allows this software. Make your next customer visit unique. Deliver on expectations being a modern professional dentist.

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