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You no longer need an assistant because ExoCad PartiCAD 2.3 Matera crack version performs almost all the work of a potential assistant, also doing the job required much faster. You need just 10 minutes to create a smile design plan that can help to achieve maximum quality of work and leave the client satisfied after the procedure.

Become a modern dentist with the digital dental design that allows our app. Make your next customer visit unique. Deliver on expectations being a modern professional dentist.

Order ExoCad PartiCAD 2.3 Matera and you will be surprised at the modernization and increased productivity of your work as a dentist.

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    Why should you buy ExoCad PartiCAD 2.3 Matera?

    • Incredible digital implant generation just in a couple of minutes.
    • Improvement of your dental office with a modern solution.
    • Patients will be impressed with an accurate and fast measurement.
    • Reduced staff costs: the application does everything instead of a potential assistant.
    • The best offer – ExoCad PartiCAD 2.3 Matera on our website at the cheapest price.

    • The FullDenture Module now supports various types of manufacturing processes, including two-stage milling, printing of denture bases and monolithic restorations (eg for fitting)

    • New exoprint tool for continuous workflow with a 3D printer. Using an open XML interface, the model and related information can now be sent directly from DentalCAD to a 3D printing program.

    • The implant library is now delivered separately from the program, which significantly reduces the size of the download package. Users with a valid update subscription can download the current implant library from our new download page download page

    • Improved support for working with a digital stylus (including dynamic pressure) based on Windows Ink. Presets available for various WACOM devices

    • Optimized support for 3D face scans, including 3D face modeling

    • Improved flexibility: project files can now be freely transferred between most OEM versions of exocad (including Amann Girrbach, Zfx, Schütz Dental, Vatech, etc.)

    • Advanced implant libraries with more precise design parameters and optimal integration with exoplan

    • DentalCAD 2.3 Matera includes the BETA “Immediate Load” function, which allows you to import implant planning data from exoplan, for example, to model crowns before positioning the implants

    The partial framework module PartiCAD provides you with a digital solution for designing high-quality removable partial denture ­frameworks.

    Use extended design and customization features. PartialCAD allows you to enjoy all the features: high-quality design, auto-relief, functional I-bat retainer, and other cool options. Using PartyCad, you are available to mix different parts of frameworks to create your perfect crown or bridge, to modify frameworks with your own logos or some text.

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