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    About Exoplan 2021 crack

    Exocad Exoplan cracked module is a high-performance open source software for designing the structure of an implant that is surgically implanted.

    software can be used as a guide for the surgical installation of implants, provides maximum flexibility for laboratories, dentists, implantologists and surgeons. The software guarantees a seamless digital workflow, which makes it a practical solution. Thanks to an open system independent of the supplier, the module supports the use of 3D scanners, printers and milling machines. Modern software solutions provide precise elaboration of the implant installation operation from the design stage to the creation of a detailed surgical manual.

    module is compatible with DentalCAD crack, so it is possible to plan and produce temporary and lifelong prostheses in it. The results are provided in a clear seamless flow of information, intuitive for the user. In the program, you can develop surgical guides and make them on a printer or machine, since you can upload files in STL format to it. The software allows you to use accurate scan data and align them.

    Advantages of Exocad for doctors and clinics

    Exocad crack full version is the most popular dental software. Consumers appreciate such parameters:

    • Easy to use, wide range of tools;
    • Reliability;
    • Constant updates and improvements of the program, it goes one step ahead of user requests;
    • Exocad, characterized by ease of use, helps to reduce training costs. According to user comments, already during the first day of application of the program, it was possible to fully implement it into work, to get the first results.
    • Flexible approach to financial costs, the ability to purchase only those modules that are planned to be used in the work.
    • The absence of a mandatory annual subscription fee, the possibility of acquiring a perpetual license or using the service on the basis of a lease agreement.
    • Each user has ample opportunities to increase the level of competence and qualifications, which is facilitated by a variety of video tutorials.
    • It is a completely open program, compatible with most scanners. It is applicable to work with both intraoral and laboratory scanners. Outdated models previously agreed with other software are no exception.

    The possibility of combining with any open CAD/CAM milling machine, 3d printer or equipment for cobalt-chromium laser sintering.

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