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    About ImplaStation cracked version

    Use ImplaStation to make any templates – based on teeth, mucosa, bone, or combined, as well as templates using a special Protocol using the double scanning technique

    Working with computer tomography DICOM files


    Open DICOM files and directories of any type

    DICOM conversion

    Convert computer tomography DICOM files to STL files easily and conveniently with optical density adjustment

    DICOM segmentation

    Convert DICOM to STL with manual or semi-automatic correction of the reconstructed surface

    DICOM cropping

    Trim excess areas of the DICOM file along a curved path

    Double scan technology

    Create templates using double scanninng technology (creating and processing an stl surface from (or based on) a second DICOM scan)

    Navigate And View Files

    Panoramic and MPR modes

    View your project in the appropriate mode: panoramic or MPR. Build several different panoramic curves

    Rotating slice mode

    Check the tissue around the virtual implant in the rotating slice mode

    Easy and convenient navigation

    Enjoy intuitive controls, rotate the viewing axes, move the axes quickly, or combine the viewing axes with the implant axis with a double click

    Drilling Planning

    Drilling planning Manager

    Control all parameters when planning drilling-implant dimensions, guide bushings, drill bits and special settings-V-factor and spacer application with the special visual planning Manager.


    Simply and clearly consider the V-factor. The controlled shift of the drill apex relative to the implant apex compensates for the difference between the aggressive V-shape of the drill tip and the safe shape of the implant tip. It is convenient to use for bicortical fixation

    Working mode with tool sets

    Add to the program the necessary set of tools for template surgery, as well as information about the drilling sequence. In the mode of working with a set of tools, the drill bits will be selected discretely. when you select the finishing mill, the drilling Protocol will be automatically created

    Flexible Element Library

    Libraries to add to

    Create your own element libraries or add any elements to existing ones (both simplified and real STL files)

    Custom mode

    Create a simplified form of any element-an implant, an abutment, a guide sleeve with or without a locking Board, a drill, or a fixing pin

    Any sleeves and subtraction body

    Add to the library of casings of any shape and body subtraction for them

    Planning The Rotational Position Of The Platform

    Rotation of sleeves and implants

    Rotate the implant, abutment, and sleeve. Specify the advanced step of the rotation angle (this is important for cases when the rotational position of the implant is important)

    Working with implants with an inclined platform

    Work with implants with an inclined platform. The program takes into account two implant axes-the drilling axis and the platform axis

    Accounting for the rotation step of the implant and abutment

    Rotational positioning of the abutment with a step corresponding to the interface type

    Working with STL files

    Separation of STL surfaces

    Divide the STL surfaces into two along a curved path. It is convenient to use with double scanning technique

    STL pruning

    Crop the STL surfaces along a curved path. In this way, for example, you can virtually remove the crown of a tooth

    Surface treatment

    Treat STL surfaces for holes and misdirected triangles

    Export to CAD programs

    Unload any virtual elements from the program while preserving their relative coordinates. For example, to export a project to CAD programs, to create individual abutments and temporary structures



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