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The new inLab CAD 20.0 software crack is a modern development, designed to meet the requirements of dental laboratories for the CAD system. Having separate CAD modules, the software is not tied to a scanner and machine of a particular manufacturer and allows you to work with an existing scanner and machine tool in the laboratory through the open STL file format. CAD with inLab SW 20.0 covers such requirements: it has a user-friendly interface and an optimized restoration modeling process.

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    inLab CAD SW 20 cracked new functions

    1)inLab CAD SW 20.0 Basic module (mandatory)

    – creation of tabs, overlays, single crowns, veneers, bridges, caps, frameworks, multilayer designs

    – virtual articulator, smile design

    – access to the SIRONA Connect portal (obtaining digital fingerprint data from doctors who have scanners for further restoration design)

    – NEW: J.O.B.S. Jaw – Orientated Biogeneric Settins

    A programmatically generated proposal for the positioning and placement of the restoration, especially in the design of large works that include a complete restoration of the occlusal surface of both upper and lower jaws based on a new database.

    – NEW: Dental databases. New extended database.

    – NEW: Virtual insertion

    – NEW: Gingival elements


    2) inLab CAD SW 20.0 Implant module (optional)

    – creation of individual abutments and crowns with screw fixation

    – NEW: creation of bridges and beams with screw fixation on implants

    – NEW: creation of bridges and beams with screw fixation on many implants

    – NEW: creation of surgical templates


    3) inLab CAD SW 12.0 Module of removable constructions (optional) 

    – creation of frameworks of removable construction based on a digital print

    – creation of attachments, beams, telescopes

    4) inLab CAD SW 20.0 Interface module (optional)

    – NEW: import data from intraoral and extraoral scanners in STL format for further restoration

    – export of created restorations in STL format for further production on milling machines of other manufacturers

    – export of digital fingerprint data in STL format via SIRONA Connect to create restorations on third-party software

    – export of data of the created model in STL format for further production on milling machines of other manufacturers

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