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    CAD/CAM-InLab system crack version 2021

    InLab cracked version – freedom of choice in the dental laboratory

    CAD/CAM-InLab crack system – now you have the freedom of choice when scanning, modeling and producing restorations, and your dental laboratory is fully equipped with new high-performance InLab dongle components.

    Scanners, software and machines are optimally coordinated, take into account all the requirements for the work of a dental technician, and allow you to use a large selection of materials and convenient software to solve a wide range of tasks.

    In addition, with Sirona Connect, you get access to the largest intraoral digital impression system. InLab dump is a functionally open system, and STL interfaces flexibly integrate existing CAD/CAM solutions, providing independent and cost-effective restoration production.

    Overview of the advantages of the InLab crack system:

    • Efficiency and high profitability, thanks to a unique range of materials that increase the productivity, profitability and versatility of your dental laboratory;
    • Flexibility and integration, thanks to functional software, open interface and constant support;
    • Reliability and prospects guaranteed by 25 years of application experience, the possibility of retrofitting and modernization.

    Overview of advantages InLab cracked:

    Reliability and simplicity

    • For the first time, the morphology of the occlusal surface of each tooth is accurately described mathematically.
    • The reconstruction method, scientific, objective and independent of the user, is based on the analysis of thousands of intact occlusal surfaces of teeth.
    • The modeling process in just a few steps significantly reduces the sources of possible errors and allows you to achieve high results.
    • Identical modeling stages for all types of restorations – crowns, veneers, inlays, onlays and bridges of full anatomical shape.


    • Natural occlusal surfaces with one click – clinically and functionally proven.
    • Productivity: no long-term adaptation of standard tooth shapes is required.
    • Saving the dental technician’s time by focusing on the functional and aesthetic result.
    • Grinding or milling instead of pressing: eliminating the stages of modeling, pressing, casting and cladding reduces the duration of the working process.

    In the InLab acrivated crack program, you can receive, process and transmit project data using an open user interface. This provides maximum flexibility in using the CAD/CAM system, taking into account changing requirements.

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