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    maestro 3d ortho studio 2021 crack full version

    Maestro 3D Dental Studio cracked is a software created on the basis of a fully patented technology, and is a full-fledged tool for both orthodontic and restoration work.


    Maestro 3D Dental Studio cracked software is modular and consists of three main macromodules:

    • OrthoStudio (Orthodontic module);
    • Dental CAD / Dental Restoration (dental restoration module);
    • Smile Creator (modeling of a smile).
    • Easy to use for both laboratories and clinics, combined with the Maestro Dental 3D scanner is a complete solution that helps laboratories and medical institutions enter the digital era. By combining orthodontic and restoration modules in one software, you can use these several combined functions in an intuitive and integrated workflow.

    Features Maestro 3D Dental Studio dongle emulator crack:

    • Excellent power indicators.
    • Allows you to perform various types of processing
    • It has a high speed of construction.
    • Easy to operate.

    Opportunities Maestro 3D Dental Studio cracked full version 2021:

    A simple and easy-to-use virtual parameter setting allows you to create the most detailed scans of both individual fragments of the dentition for effective modeling and prosthetics, and full-arc arches, which greatly simplifies the work of technical specialists. Additional tools allow you to automatically or manually add and configure attachments/ labels (positive or negative), create dental designs and protocols in preparation for various corrective procedures. Automatic segmentation is the simplest and most accessible method of fragmentary analysis of the dentition, allows you to edit parameters during the construction process, and the universal and functional Builder module creates files exposed in universal STL/ PLY formats, ready for further printing on 3D printers.

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