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    Mayka Dental® crack is a dental software dedicated to the control of machine tools for dental technicians laboratories. The software comes pre-set for YenaDent machines.

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    • No technical skills in CAM technology needed
    • Advanced automatic nesting
    • Quick calculation of ultimate toolpaths
    • Collision checking up to 5 axis, on the parts & on the spindle inclination


    Benefits of the software Mayka Dental keygen crack® 

    • Automatic production (“step-by-step” mode): easily and quickly create a production file, no need for CAM knowledge
    • Management of partially machined disks and machining history
    • Automatic detection of the cervical line and high resolution machining
    • Machining 4/5 axes positioned and continuous
    • Tools dedicated to the machining of zirconia (scale factor, connector for cooking, reduction of fasteners)
    • Optimized metal milling with machining recovery and flexible path for high speed machining
    • Machining parameters predefined according to the material, the machine and the type of stock
    • Fastener management (single and double) for optimization of block filling
    • Automatic placement of files to save space
    • Tilt of STL files (optimization of the thickness of the blocks)
    • Production report and reference engraving on prostheses
    • Automatic verification of collisions before machining
    • Management of tool changers and auxiliary functions of machines (suction, micro-lubrication, underwater machining)
    • Simultaneous 5-axis machining
    • Implant libraries
    • Implant machining

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