(2019 year, version 4.9.1)

– This is a new interface and new features to make your work even faster.

The advantages of the MILLBOX crack vetsion software are that it is the most intuitive and simplest dental CAM solution designed for milling any materials.

Equipped with a simple user interface and at the same time innovative and attractive design, which greatly simplifies the creation of the process path. When purchasing software

MillBox 4.9.1 crack efficient, does not require manual operations and users are trained to work with it in a short time. This is an advanced version of the CAM program, designed to reduce time costs and increase maximum efficiency.

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    Benefits MILLBOX crack

    • Import of any type of dental element (crowns, bridges, etc.) from any CAD source.(Exocad ©, 3Shape ©, DentalWings © and © EGS) Type and morphology recognition is fully automatic.At the same time, for each object, the corresponding automation devices are used (connectors, boundary lines, displacements, orientation, etc.).Millbox automatically determines the forms that must be processed in a special way (holes, internal and external implants, joints, locators, etc.).
    • The position of the elements can be changed manually using the corresponding graphic tool, if the task requires it (full control of the object).
    • Thanks to the fully automatic process, in Millbox you can perform various operations on the imported object, such as:
      • substitution (replacement) interfaces
      • engraving
      • the inclusion of a stabilizer bar.

    In order to avoid undercuts during processing, the connector is fixed to the equator line.


    • All materials currently used in dentistry are managed by Millbox in its entirety, including the ability to display the color of the material, as well as the “Shading” and “Layering” of the materials. An element placed on such materials in a certain way at the design stage, will be automatically inserted into the Millbox in the same position.
    • Libraries, which include disks, blocks, cylinders and premilled, are fully open and available for add-ons. Workpieces that were only partially used are automatically stored in the library, making it possible to use them in the future.
    • All elements are arranged and oriented in accordance with the best use of the material, as well as the best machinability of the element. Each material may have default connectors in size and shape (cylindrical, conical, etc.)
    • Millbox 2019 crack Equipped with a complete library of strategies with a wide range of tool / material / machine combinations. The tool library includes various special shapes (candy, T spherical and flat T, shapes) for specific machined ones, such as: undercuts, locator, threaded hole at an angle, etc.
    • When calculating the tool path, it always takes into account the entire structure of the machine (equipment, spindle, etc.).Any conflicting paths are automatically deleted.A special function displays the finished product, taking into account any parts, including not milling.


    • Creating custom reports and printouts provides convenient organization and management of orders. You can add and remove various variables for printing, concerning: machine model, type and stock material, milling time and many others.
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