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    about NemoStudio full crack version

    Unique and modern solutions

    Nemotec offers unique and modern solutions, interned in a single platform known worldwide as NemoStudio. The package, which includes modules based on experience and excellence, is recognized by leading experts around the world.

    Cracked NemoStudio is orthodontics software that enables digital model analysis, diagnostics, digital planning, product printing and patient presentation. The intuitive workspace interface offers a clinical record store that clearly separates preparation from diagnosis and planning.

    Nemotec products allow you to fully diagnose, plan and design in 3D technology all treatment plans in various areas of dentistry: Orthodontics, Implantation, Dental Restoration and Surgery.

    Nemotec modules allow Ontodonts to design and manufacture to transfer the product to the patient’s mouth with absolute accuracy.

    Cephalometric module that allows you to diagnose the problem and effectively plan treatment

    NemoCeph is a tool that offers more opportunities in diagnosis, treatment plan in orthodontics. Its ease of personalization and communication capabilities make it the most widely used program in the world.

    3D module that allows you to perform virtual orthodontics and plan orthodontic treatment of indirect ligaments and equalizers, starting with digital model research.


    NemoCast is orthodontic software that allows you to analyze digital models, diagnose, digitally plan, print products, and show the patient. The intuitive workspace interface offers a repository of clinical records that clearly separates the preparatory part from diagnosis and planning.

    NemoSmile Design

    Hacked NemoSmile Design develops a layout that allows the patient to visualize what his treatment will be like before starting. The software uses a stream of digital smile design in 3D and performs simulation of a treatment plan and virtual wax. The software creates a wax face card with a photo of the patient for perfect biological, functional and aesthetic balance. It is an interactive, visual and effective communication tool that adjusts every detail of the patient to the perfect smile design.


    NemoScan is a solution for diagnosing and planning implant procedures. The implantologist, using the latest technology, plans the treatment, showing the patient this process with complete safety, guarantee and confidence in just a few simple steps.

    Cracked NemoStudio is a modern software for the dental and orthodontist prosthesis features. The rapid work and simple maintaining will impress you.

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