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    X-ray software for high-quality 3D diagnostics

    OnDemand3D™ is an effective software for visualization, evaluation, presentation and documentation of 3D scans.

    OnDemand3D™ is a modular software package with a wide range of functionality. The software consists of convenient modules, each of which has a set of special tools focused on its diagnostic tasks.

    OnDemand3D has a modular structure, so it is flexible and easily extensible. Modules link separate groups of diagnostic tools into a single functional software.

    Database Manager (DBM)

    The database manager provides convenient and secure access to user data, as well as easy data transfer to other applications.

    The master database is a local database.

    Master DB is installed locally during a standard installation. When working with the Master DM module, files can be imported or copied from other database systems.

    OnDemand3D Server is a network database for data exchange within the clinic.

    OnDemand3D Server is an independent program running on the basis of a high-performance SQL database, which provides simple, convenient and secure data exchange.

    DICOM data transmission and archiving System (PACS). DICOM is an international standard that is used in many dental clinics to preserve medical images. Such a digital communication standard provides mutual data exchange between various imaging and image processing systems.

    Main functions of OnDemand3D software crack

    • Multiplanar reformation with 3D reconstruction.
    • Cross-sections with adjustable layer thickness.
    • Reconstruction of a panoramic tomogram with an adjustable thickness of the focus trajectory and an unlimited number of mounting points.
    • Volumetric rendering with visualization in the widest range of modes.
    • Measurement of distances, angles, areas, fabric density, labeling and annotation.
    • Simulation of radiographs in various projections.
    • Virtual implantation mode with an extensive library of implants from various manufacturers.
    • Export of processed data to a CD with a program for full-fledged work with the scanned volume.
    • Powerful editor for creating reports.
    • Selection of an arbitrary volume fragment with magnification. Virtual camera for viewing cavities and channels.

    Additional functions for OnDemand3D cracked version

    • The function of “gluing” two or more Fusion volumes.
    • Module for 3D cephalometry 3D Ceph.

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