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    aboutOnyxCeph 2022 (build 3.2.174) cracked version

    The Onyx Ceph 3 ® software cracked concept has been thought out and is being developed in cooperation with highly qualified orthodontists, maxillofacial surgeons, dentists, programmers. The structure and algorithm of the database is determined by the main course of action in the formation of images for diagnostic purposes. All professional methods and means of orthodontic diagnostics are presented in the reference file. In addition, the big advantages are the flexible capabilities of the program interface and its easy adaptation directly to each user without interfering with the structure. With drivers and standard interfaces, Onyx Ceph 3 ® crack full version is compatible with all commonly used digital image sources. Data transmission from control systems is supported by a user-friendly interface. Each Onyx Ceph3 ® installation creates a client from a virtual Onyx network that can participate in network or offline data exchange within laboratory services, training sessions or projects implemented by several organizations.

    Functional purpose

    The Onyx Ceph 3® activated cracked software includes components for the study of all major types of orthodontic images (lateral and frontal telerentgenograms, hand radiographs, jaw models and facial photographs). For an additional fee, a 3D module becomes available, into which you can upload and process already three-dimensional images, such as jaw models, CT scans, and three-dimensional photography. All the results belonging to the selected patient can be processed using the same software toolsets and approaches to solving the tasks. The image processing process is simplified and automated as much as possible in order to save time.

    Onyx Ceph 3® full crack is compatible with any digital image input sources. It is also possible to integrate with the clinic management system. The results of the study can be transmitted via the Internet to colleagues or experts.

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