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The current level of computerization of dental clinics creates the basis for the development of software designed to analyze digital images in orthodontics. That in turn, on the one hand, increases the quality and reliability of the diagnosis, and on the other hand, reduces the costs of material, effort and time. These goals have shaped the development of a whole group of ONYX imaging software.

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    More than 80 examination methods

    More than 80 examination methods of several different types of images are available in ONYX-Ceph3. This library is constantly being updated. The examination process is simplified to the placement of landmarks on the image required for this examination. Identification of landmarks is facilitated by graphical tools and other program capabilities. Up to 1000 examination results can be saved for each patient. This data can be accessed at any time and, if necessary, printed out. It is also possible to exchange data over the network with technical experts and colleagues.


    The concept of an activated Onyx Ceph software was thought out and is being developed in cooperation with highly qualified orthodontists, maxillofacial surgeons, dentists, programmers. The structure and algorithm of the database is determined by the main course of action in the formation of images for diagnostic purposes.


    To use the licensed Onyx Ceph in his practice, the user just needs to pay an annual fee (rent) for maintenance, which includes a network license for a maximum of five workstations, regular software updates and access to all available options at no additional charge or hidden costs. If in the process of using you still want to buy, then on favorable terms.

    Functional purpose

    An activated Onyx Ceph software includes components for examining all major types of orthodontic imaging (lateral and frontal tele roentgenograms, hand radiographs, jaw models and facial images). For an additional fee, a 3D module becomes available, into which you can load and process already three-dimensional images, such as models of the jaws, CT, three-dimensional photography. All results belonging to the selected patient can be processed using the same software toolkits and approaches to solving the assigned tasks. The image processing process is simplified and automated as much as possible in order to save time.

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