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    about Dental Studio | Ortho Studio 5 crack

    Combined with third party scanners
    Intraoral scanner ready
    Input FilesSTL, PLY, OBJ
    Management of the actual color of the scan
    3D Face ready
    Study ModelsABO, ABO 2013, Ricketts, Parallel, Tweed
    3D Label positive, negative
    3D Modeling tools
    Brackets removal tools
    3D Measuring tools
    2D Image support
    Occlusion map
    Automatic teeth segmentation
    Automatic teeth axis, FA, Tip, Torque calculation
    Virtual roots
    Virtual setup
    IPR, stripping
    Multiple virtual setup projects
    Real-Time collision detection (automatic intersection, distance, calculation)
    Attachments placement
    Customizable attachments
    Attachments designer
    Brackets placement
    Brackets designer
    Brackets JIG support
    Automatic transition models constructions
    Automatic 3D label over transition models
    Automatic template models generation
    Cut and Close
    PDF report
    Video recording
    Video report
    Clear aligners for transition models
    Etching guide for attachment placement
    Clear aligners for brackets placement standard, with windows, JIGs
    Output filesSTL, PLY, OBJ, ZIP-STL, ZIP-PLY, ZIP-OBJ
    Multiple languagesIT, EN, ES, DE, FR, HU, JA, KR, PT, RU, TR, VI, ZH
    Annual fees
    Compulsory updates
    3D mouse, touchscreen ready
    Operation systemWindows 10, 64 bit
    Video tutorials free online
    Wiki user manual free online

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