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    about cracked Romexis patch 5.3.4

    General information

    Cracked Planmeca Romexis is an advanced, easy-to-use software package that provides a wide range of tools to meet the imaging and clinical data processing needs of any dental facility.

    The package includes tools for working with all types of dental images: intraoral, panoramic, cephalometric, three-dimensional images, dental tomography, intraoral video recording, images from a digital camera.

    Planmeca Romexis is not only an imaging software package: it allows you to fully integrate digital imaging with patient data management, dental unit management and other systems in your dental office.

    What have been improved in patch 5.3.4?

    Easier workflow

    Planmeca Romexis supports high patient turnover with simple 2D images as well as complex 3D treatment planning. The guiding principle of Planmeca Romexis’ design is simplicity, which provides technicians with software tools that require minimal training to use.

    The CAD / CAM module makes it easy to design denture designs in 3D. The program can be used both in dental clinics and in dental laboratories. A large set of automatic tools saves time significantly.

    Planmeca Romexis Smile Design software is all you need to simulate your patients’ dream smile. The program contains a set of easy-to-use tools that allow you to create a dental project in a short period of time, together with your patient.

    Benefits of Planmeca Romexis Smile Design:

    • Ease of use. The intuitive interface and simple tools allow you to quickly master the program and do not require special skills to work with it.
    • Improving communication with the patient. Your patient can clearly see the intended treatment outcome.
    • Communication with other specialists. The general dentist can easily connect with other professionals or the dental laboratory through the Planmeca Romexis Cloud

    Become a digital dentist with the modern dental design that allows this software. Make your next customer visit unique. Deliver on expectations being a modern professional dentist.

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