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    about full crack PlastyCAD 1.7

    PlastyCAD is the only one application for modeling in free form with no borders. Application features cover the fields of medicine and dentistry.

    about PlastyCAD 1.7 crack

    The STL files can be transferred by PlastyCAD  to the desired optical scanner and medical software(like Electronic Health Record (EHR) Software). Also, the results can be quickly exported in the form of the STL file for the manufacturing. With PlastyCAD you can even design a bone graft quite easy, much easier than the potential designing on a desktop computer, and send the appropriate file for the manufacturing purposes to make it ready for surgery. Different optical scans can send their files to PlastyCAD 1.7 with no problems, regulate the common surfaces rapidly and precisely to achieve true modeled size of the designed file. PlastyCAD 1.7 also can be used to analyze the pre-surgery and post-surgery areas. This universal application can be used for advanced modelling of surgical splints, cutting guides, and for wax reconstruction. 

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