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    about WorkNC Dental cracked version

    Special features

    Cracked WorkNC Dental is a special CAM solution for dentistry. Special features are the open structure and the high degree of automation, which enables even newcomers to quickly generate the appropriate NC program at the push of a button. The current version also has some highlights that make it easier for the user to use the software and machine. Cracked WorkNC dental offers you a CAM software specializing in dental technology that is open to CAD systems and milling machines. You can use standardized STL data and adapt it to any machine. This means that the user is free to choose materials and tools – which in many cases leads to significant cost savings.

    Holding pins up to the start of machining.

    During the set-up, the user has access to numerous predefined data, which make it possible to quickly and easily determine key characteristics of the project such as material, machine type and others. The integrated material library not only provides information about dimensions or raw materials. With the help of meta-information, users can describe the blanks in a user-defined manner and take into account factors such as shrinkage that occur with certain materials (e.g. zircon) accompanied. Self-defined blanks can also be added to the library at any time. Not fully exploited blanks can be archived and at any time be re-imported and further processed.

    STL data sorted by element size

    A highlight of the current version of cracked WorkNC Dental is the sorting of the imported STL data according to the size of the elements. The user is only shown the crowns and implants for which the selected blank is suitable. Another special feature is the possibility of manually changing the orientation of the elements after the automatic nesting in order to further optimize the placement and alignment for production. Intersections are also allowed in order to achieve a minimum distance between the elements. The best possible material utilization and cost savings are the result, because compared to conventional nesting, around 30 to 35 percent more elements can be produced from a raw part.

    Cracked WorkNC Dental is a modern software for the dental and orthodontist prosthesis features. The rapid work and simple maintaining will impress you.

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