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    about WorkNC Dental 2021 crack​ed version

    A lot of useful functions

    Cracked WorkNC Dental contains, among other things, a standard library of machining sequences that have been specially developed for the morphology of prosthetic reconstructions and thus guarantee optimal machining. Appropriate processing sequences are selected depending on the type of element (crowns, bridges or implants). It is also possible to use several different strategies on the same blank in order to further optimize processing. A specialty of this CAM software is five-axis machining.

    STL data sorted by element size

    A feature of the new 2021 patch of cracked WorkNC Dental is that it sorts the imported STL data according to the size of the elements. The user is only shown the crowns and implants for which the selected blank is suitable. Another special feature is the possibility of manually changing the orientation of the elements after the automatic nesting in order to further optimize the placement and alignment for production. Intersections are also allowed in order to achieve a minimum distance between the elements. The best possible material utilization and cost savings are the result, because compared to conventional nesting, around 30 to 35 percent more elements can be produced from a raw part.

    Top fitting of a crown

    The following function ensures a perfect connection of the crown on the die: Since cracked WorkNC Dental recognizes the edges of the element, the software can automatically create a curve on the preparation line, with the help of which the connection can be optimally adjusted. After the milling programs have been generated, the NC data is transferred directly to the milling machine. An automatically generated, comprehensive documentation allows the simple assignment of the individual workpieces to the client or patient.

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