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    WorkNC Dental cracked program has 20 years of Sescoi research experience in the field of movement trajectories of different generations of instruments.

    Thanks to new treatment processes (and this is just one of the advantages over other dental software solutions available on the market) You not only significantly reduce the production time of the product, but also get a high-quality product that does not require manual modifications.


    Automatic processing of prostheses, implants, crowns, bridge implants and dental structures.


    Simple user interface . Its trajectories also include support for placement and orientation of prosthetic implants, as well as tools for adding support pins and identification markings.


    The intelligence in the system takes into account the limitations of the machine to automatically create trajectories without collisions.

    Stages of the DENTAL CAD/CAM process


    The process begins with the creation of an impression taken by a contactless 3D laser scanner. Then, using CAD software, a digital model of the impression is created from the scanned data. The virtual CAD model is then used to create the desired prosthesis design. Then both the completed design and the digital model are ready for processing in WorkNC Dental, the automatic CAM software from Sescoi. The process is completed by 4- and 5-axis processing of finished seals and their models in the laboratory of CNC milling machines.

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