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    Famous release – coDiagnostiX 10.2 craced versuion

    Computer-assisted procedures have become increasingly important in dentistry over the past 20 years. In particular, the navigated insertion of implants has become well established. One of the numerous planning programs on the market is hacked coDiagnostiX from Dental Wings, which enables fast, precise and safe implant placement. Thanks to its diverse measuring and planning functions, predictable results can be achieved in both simple and more complex surgical cases.

    The Dental Wings team is pleased to announce that the game-changing cracked coDiagnostiX 10.2 is now available. Major new features include a brand-new set of exciting surgical guides such as bone reduction and endodontic guides.

    Improved functions

    • backward planing
    • prosthetics and bone-oriented
    • predictable results
    • safe and efficient OR

    New content

    • New: for partially edentulous jaws, the drilling template can now be produced digitally and without prior X-ray templates. Imprint or model and Dicom data set are sufficient for planning!
    • New: If there is sufficient full denture, the denture is provided with reference marks and scanned before the DVT exposure. No x-ray template required!
    • New: now with fixation option in the bone
    • New: Suitable for all-on-four and teeth-in-a-day concepts:
    • New: Extended digital workflow, from the drilling template fully digital to immediate restoration. Abutments and provisions are made before the operation.

    We have many years of experience with the hacked coDiagnostiX implant planning software. The software is used for the exact three-dimensional planning of implants. The optimal implant position can be precisely planned virtually. Thanks to the wide range of software functions, implanting becomes safer, faster and more relaxed for the dentist.

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