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  • Incredible digital implant generation just in a couple of minutes.
  • Improvement of your dental office with a modern solution.
  • Patients will be impressed with an accurate and fast measurement.
  • Reduced staff costs: the application does everything instead of a potential assistant.
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    exoplan 2.3 crack functions

    Help people to smile without embarrassment with a modern equipment – use Exoplan 2.3 Matera. This software is well known by dentists and surgeons, they use it all around the world and leave only good references.

    Created on the renewed Exocad platform, Exoplan provides a reliable digital workflow and the highest permormance.

    Guide Creator module

    Use your 3D printer to create new dental or surgical model and produce them to get back some money from the hardware investments. Design your own surgical guides, and produce them in-house with your 3D printer to return some money spent on hardware investments. Exoplan 2.3 opens STL files with no problems in the possibility of transporting and adjusting STL network with no restrictions.

    Top precision – adjusting of scan data

    Combine CBCT and surface scan data of a model by taking advantage of Exoplan’s reliable adjusting tools. Additional refinement features make scans more accurate.

    Unique flexibility with Exoplan. Adjust every step according to your requirements.

    Implantology is an inalienable part of contemporary surgery of patients. It can contain a big amount of the stages: from planning of implants to development and of the making of the surgical directing. Enjoy the freedom of choice and manage the individual process for the guided surgery with Exoplan! Due to open, but integrated decisions for digital stomatology, you control necessary working processes. While our instruments of planning of Exoplan can need only surgeons, dental cabinets and laboratories turn to the account from a complete decision, including our module of Guide Creator.

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