3Shape Dental System

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Create accurate predictions by combining 2D and 3D images with RealView technology. 3Shape RealView allows technicians to create believable images of a clinical case by adding three-dimensional models of teeth to the photo of a patient’s face. Patients can “try on” their new smile. Allow patients to evaluate themselves and give the full emotional effect. Easily create a test model with a new design. So that the patient can try on a new version of the simulation right in the mouth.

More digital work

New possibilities with digital temporal constructions Patients can try on the final crown model in the form of an available temporary construct. Unique workflows include re-use of the design of temporary structures for the final crown, positioners for precise positioning, a cost-effective method without creating a model.

Automatic tabs to increase productivity. Easily create tabs and linings that are highly aesthetic and require minimal fit. The new boundary line tool allows you to quickly and easily determine the boundary of the preparation.

Unique workflows for veneers without preparation and occlusal pads.Easily create highly aesthetic veneers by placing anatomy at the beginning of the process to automatically determine the boundary line on the unprepared tooth. Use occlusal pads to increase bite using a virtual articulator and Smile Composer to accommodate the teeth, while allowing the software to trim the occlusal pads.

Digital instruments and Dental System automatic workflows give your laboratory a great advantage, which will enable dental technicians to offer dentists the full range of treatment workflows from any material, as well as high functionality and high aesthetics.

Digital efficiency for your stump tabs.

The unique and patented solution from 3Shape will bring the classic treatment with stump tabs to a new level of performance. 3Shape-designed markers facilitate accurate recognition of the position and depth of the stump tabs.

Primary and secondary telescopic structures, even for difficult clinical cases. Primary anatomy modeling will serve as an intuitive guide in the design process of a telescope. Using flexible tools and attachments, and will allow to achieve better results in terms of space, functionality and aesthetics. Increased accuracy because you can scan unpartitioned models.

Simulate implant-supported restorations in digital form and unlock new business opportunities. 3Shape Dental System offers dental technicians a full range of modeling capabilities and treatment workflows, both from the main original implant manufacturers and from compatible products. Laboratories depend on the high accuracy of their beams and bridges in orders. So the accuracy of all 3Shape scanners is verified and validated according to ISO12836 using specially designed implant objects.

Combine models of beams, secondary structures and prostheses. New workflow allows dental technicians to model with all components without having to re-scan.

Compatible with attachments with patric and matrix connections. Simulate secondary structures with precise space and position to align the corresponding attachment in the primary.

Create any kind of girder constructions and add any attachment. As regular and rounded beams, Dolder and Hader beams, hybrid bridges and “Canadian” type bridges. Add any joints and spherical attachments, locators, holes for clamps.

Innovative and effective solution will make your laboratory the best on the market.

To develop your laboratory business, you need a CAD/CAM solution that is fast, accurate, reliable and won’t lose its relevance in the future. In the latest version, we added many advanced tools. At the same time increased the stability and performance of the entire system. 3Shape Dental System  provides you with the most comprehensive selection of dental designs, instruments and libraries. Integrated and intuitive workflows. The support program includes many services. An ecosystem that allows you to freely combine what you use now with what you may need in the future. In other words, this is a powerful and reliable CAD/CAM solution that gives you an undeniable trump card in the fight against competitors.

Why digital dentistry?

Increased production
Increased workflow speed
Reduced labor-intensive work
Increased number of restorations and materials
Increased customer offerings
Production from a material chosen by the dentist
Open manufacturing opportunities inside or outside the laboratory
Increased profits and competitiveness
Ability to compete with budget laboratories and laboratories manufacturing dentures on site
Profit growth per unit Product Range
Expanding the Range of Proposals and Services Creating High-Quality Prostheses
Proven Digital Accuracy
Consistent Quality of Design and Manufacturing
Simplifying Work with Complex Designs

Reasons to choose cracked version:

More powerful ecosystem
More than 70 libraries for implants
Extensive selection of material libraries and milling centers
Extensive integration with third-party milling machines, printers and intraoral scanners
TRIOS and integrated solutions Integrated scanners whose accuracy is documented
Full integration of scanner and software
TRIOS – an integrated solution for taking digital prints
Documented accuracy of the scanner for the laboratory in accordance with ISO 12836 Compliance
Innovative designs from more than 275 developers of 3Shape
Durability of hardware and software
80 claimed patents
More restorations and improved tools
Widest selection designs, including special views
Powerful tools and options for modeling
Intuitive interface and step-by-step workflow
Integrated management orders and intuitive order form in 3D.




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