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Cracked TRIOS – much more than a print

The new third-generation TRIOS dental software is a digital three-in-one solution for orthodontics. It’s an intraoral scanner for quickly and easily removing 3D color prints; Photos of the oral cavity using RealColor technology for better communication with patients; and leading dumped software for orthodontic analysis and treatment planning. Three solutions in one can improve the efficiency and accuracy of the workflow. They also make it more comfortable for patients.

5 reasons to take prints in digital form
It saves time, therefore accepting more patients
Saving money on impression materials and delivery
You’ll get digital accuracy and eliminating manual operations errors
Ease of impressions without the need to re-take them
It’ll improve patient comfort and experience

Comprehensive Digital Orthodontics

The ability to integrate all patient data and cover all aspects of treatment for optimal results. Ortho Analyzer software allows you to easily analyze data and plan treatment in 3D with precision.

Complete analysis of clinical cases

Ability to combine CBCT scans with digital models Combine digital color prints with CBCT scans.

2D Image Overlay Ability to combine different types of 2D images, such as patient photos, X-ray panoramic images and cephalometric images with 3D models.

Orthodontic toolkit for 2D and 3D analysis allows you to easily analyze the shape of the arc, vertical and horizontal overlap, Bolton norms, occlusion and space.

Discussing treatment plans with your clients. Discuss treatment plans with your clients by showing the patient a clinical picture on the screen. Sharing data with the lab online through 3Shape Communicate.

Simplicity and ease of treatment planning in 3D

Simulation of orthodontic treatment, which includes tooth extraction, interproximal enamel excision, limitation and detailed study of tooth movement.

Real-time Optimization of Occlusion Instant assessment of the proposed treatment with a virtual articulator.

Individual selection of treatment plan. Export of stages of treatment plan for the manufacture of structures. Virtual placement of braces for easy subsequent installation.

Simple control over the course of treatment. The ability to scan the patient’s teeth during treatment and virtual removal of braces. It allows you to compare the real situation with the treatment plan and provide the necessary direction of the treatment process.



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