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How cracked DWOS Brings Innovation to Dental Labs

2015 was a big year for Dental Wings. At MCC 2015, they showed a new laser-milling system, along with a previously announced intraoral scanner. They also updated their OS software this year.

The CEO of Dental Wings spoke about these innovations, how Dental Wings support laboratories and also what innovations we can expect in the future.

  1. What is your role in Dental Wings Inc?

My primary role as CEO is to set the strategic direction for the organization, translate it into practical plans, and track the availability of resources for the team, as well as the support they need to realize our mission of helping our clients improve dental patients around the world. Given my amazing team and the fast transition to digital dentistry, I like this challenge.

  1. Dental Wings announced a large number of updates and products in 2015. Which of them cause you the most interest?

I am most pleased with the combination of all our innovations in a full range of solutions. 3D scanners and laser crushing technology are amazing products in their own right, that the capabilities of the technological process through our DWOS Connect data management subsystem are almost endless.

  1. Earlier this summer, Straumann increased its stake in Dental Wings. What does this mean for the future of the company?

Dental Wings and Straumann have had strong partnerships over the years and together have achieved significant success. One of the most important drivers of this success is the availability of innovative people in Dental Wings with extensive knowledge of digital dentistry and the ability to effectively bring these innovations to the market. Straumann’s increase in share ownership reflects their conviction in our ability to continue to be leaders in the digital space, and guarantees our customers that we have the ability to fulfill our vision in the long run.

  1. An update has recently been made in the DWOS software. How has this improved the laboratory process?

We have made a big leap in the last two releases, 4.0 and 5.0, to increase overall user experience, improve productivity, and give technicians the equipment they need to focus on creativity and profitability. A truly exciting work was done in combining a complete software package in the design of SAP equipment (DWOS SAP) with surgical planning and guidance of the production of drillers for guiding products (coDiagnosticX). The integration of these tools allows real-time implementation of a joint technological process between implant dentists and prosthetic laboratories that provide them in order to achieve an optimal surgical result.

  1. How are innovations continuing in Dental Wings scanners?

Dental Wings 3D scanning system is central to the digital lab, so we rely on the strength and productivity of our systems. Based on the experience of thousands of built-in 3D scanners that scan millions of models and impressions annually, our latest generation of systems has also gone a long way. Since we have long achieved the required clarity, accuracy, and resolution required by laboratories, we focused our development on “totally effective” optimization, which is reflected in our new generation of scanning and modulating systems. We have achieved ease of use, speed and plasticity, so dentists will be able to do their job more efficiently.

  1. How do you think Dental Wings products stand against competitors?

Dental Wings explores, designs, manufactures and supports all of its products from within. In fact, more than 50% of our production is in research and development, more than 80% of our equipment has an industrial base, and all we do is 3D scanning, design and production. These aspects of the company are reflected in our products, thanks to which we have the opportunity to listen carefully to our customers, understand their technical and business needs, and then quickly translate these needs into improved hardware and software that brings real benefits

  1. What do you think about the new intraoral scanner?

First, the intraoral Dental Wings Model Builder scanner is an amazing step from a technical point of view, thanks to which we have achieved what dentists have been asking for for many years: a device that is easy to use, and that has the appearance, quality and size of the tip. Extreme miniaturization of optical devices so that we can simultaneously look at teeth from various angles is a real breakthrough. Moreover, in accordance with our philosophy of providing reliable solutions, the intraoral scanner Dental Wings has no moving parts, the design is made entirely of metal and the smart elements are designed to provide years of reliable operations.

  1. How will this new technological process look like – is it an open procedure, closed or something in between?

For some time now, all Dental Wing solutions are completely open and the intraoral Dental Wings scanner is the same. Users will have access to their scan data immediately after the procedure and will be able to export it for use in the clinic or transfer it to a dental laboratory of their choice.

  1. This is still far from affordable, but let’s talk about the laser cutter. What advantages does this technology have over current cutters?

Dental Wings laser mill is a completely new category of dental treatment. Our goal is to provide high-quality reconstruction of proven materials with unprecedented simplicity. High quality is possible because we “ablate” general reinforcing materials with a pulsed laser less than 30 μm in diameter. Ease of use comes from the fact that there are no CNC tools that could wear out or break, there is no cutting lubricant that could be used, there is no axis to replace it, there is no automated system to program it, and there is no typical crushing noise . Just turn it on, select the STL file for the procedure and press “START”. Ease of use is what makes this an interesting technology for dentists, laboratories and production centers. We are fully aware that with this technology we are at the beginning of a new era, but the possibilities are amazing.

  1. How do you see the future of Dental Wings?

I would like to encourage people to pay attention to Dental Wings products and upcoming innovations. we have made great strides even over the past year, and I am sure that some will be pleasantly surprised by the speed and scale of our progress. We are confidently developing, our channel is full of innovations, we have all the expectations of bringing even more benefits to our customers in the coming years.



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