Digital Smile Design

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DIGITAL SMILE DESIGN (DSD) is a digital smile simulation

DIGITAL SMILE DESIGN (DSD) is the creation of your own individual smile.

Let’s not dwell on the fact that a beautiful smile is an extremely important and essential element of our health, beauty and confidence.

The possibilities of aesthetic dentistry are constantly being improved and we receive and apply new technologies.

When you decide to change the look with a smile, you usually ask yourself the following questions:

how exactly will I look like?

Is it possible to look at the result of aesthetic treatment before it starts?

How will my teeth and my face look after treatment?

Will a smile, fashioned by my doctor and dental technician, harmonize with my appearance?

Will I be able to get a dream come true for years, a star smile?

Does my imagination coincide with the aesthetic taste of those who will simulate it?

The Digital Smile Design (DSD) is used precisely to answer these questions before treatment is started.


  • at the very first stages of diagnosis and planning;
  • Helps to create a smile that meets the aesthetic and functional wishes of the patient;
  • gives an opportunity to see the end result before the beginning of any dental interventions;
  • allows to individualize the shape of the teeth.
  • Has developed and improved the DSD method of Dr. Christian Coachman is a Brazilian dentist and dentist.

Digital Smile Design (DSD) Stages:

  • Firstly, you must formulate your aesthetic wishes;
  • The next step – the doctor carries out a series of photographs, according to a protocol, a professional camera with special accessories for macro-photography in the cavity of the mouth and a photo of the face;
  • processing received patient photos in special graphic programs;
  • getting your teeth prints;
  • DSD analysis and creation of a virtual project for future restoration;
  • presentation of the project to the patient for discussion and consideration of all aesthetic wishes;
  • the project is sent to the laboratory for dental technology, which owns this technology to perform the wax-up prototype of the following designs on the models of your teeth;
  • After receiving the reconditioned labs from the laboratory, the doctor has the opportunity, using a silicone key and a fast-healing composite, to move the newly developed new teeth directly into the oral cavity;
  • performance of a series of photographs with a prototype of future restoration;
  • Send your photos to the email for a final decision and get a possible assessment of your loved ones.

Please note that during the TOTAL period of creating a virtual project, your own teeth remain untouched. All these actions are carried out without an adjustment of own teeth.


  • tooth preparation;
  • manufacturing of selected designs in the laboratory;
  • fixation on the surface of the teeth.


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