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All about dental implants

It is not possible for everyone to save their own teeth for life. Unfavorable environments, improper care of the teeth, diseases that have not been cured in time – all these factors can lead to the appearance of an empty space in the dentition. In this case, dental practitioners recommend the installation of dental implants.

What Is Tooth Implantation?

Dental implantation is a process of restoring teeth removed along with the root. An implant is implanted in the bone tissue, which serves as a replacement for the root of the tooth. From above it is fixed an artificial crown – the visible part of the tooth. Thus, it is possible to completely simulate a live tooth. The implant is made of pure titanium, which does not cause allergic reactions and is completely biocompatible. Titanium implants have been successfully applied since the 80s of the twentieth century. According to the World Health Organization, with all the rules and standards of implantation, the success of this method of restoration of teeth is 97%.

Benefits Of Dental Implants:

– do not have age restrictions;

– durable;

– Implantation simulates a real tooth that returns full chewing and improves the appearance of the dentition;

– it is not required to straighten the neighboring teeth;

– With the help of implantation you can restore any number of missing your own teeth;

– Does not require complex care, the usual hygiene of teeth is quite enough;

– makes it possible to chew any food comfortably and qualitatively;

– diction is not violated;

– no taste disturbances (as is the case with removable dentures);

– there is no psychological discomfort;

– provide reliable fixation of teeth, removable and non-removable prostheses;

– protect the bone of the jaw from reducing the bone mass, as well as the natural roots of teeth, evenly distribute the load on the jaw during chewing.

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