Orthodontics with Cerec dental

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Treatment per visit

CEREC is a unique CAD/CAM system for making single all-ceramic restorations in one visit directly at the patient’s chair. You get complete control over the clinical process, while quickly and safely achieving the desired results for yourself and your patients, namely: highly aesthetic and durable restorations. In addition, this system brings the clinic to a completely new technological level, offering ample opportunities for financial growth.

In order for your CEREC to meet the needs of your clinic as much as possible, we continue to expand the model range: now in the market you can choose one of two intraoral cameras and one of the three milling machines.

The most common CAD/CAM system in the world.

Almost 30 years of experience and continuous development.

Over 28 million installed restorations.

Over 250 published clinical studies.

Proven durability in 95% of clinical cases.

Sirona dongle is also suitable for orthodontics: using CEREC Omnicam, the smallest powder-free intraoral camera on the market and controlled by the CEREC Ortho software scanning process, you can easily and quickly create a digital replica of the entire jaw. The impression data can be used to model and manufacture orthodontic appliances: for example, Invisalign transparent liners. You will save a significant amount of time compared to using traditional methods that require physical models, and in many cases you will be able to start treatment much faster than before.

Accelerated start of treatment with the use of aligners (for example, treatment with transparent Invisalign liners).

Data storage in the form of files.

Reliable digital images made with the most compact powder-free intraoral camera on the market.

Digital impressions with activated Cerec 3d

for faster and more efficient operation

Traditional casts and physical models were an integral part of orthodontics. CEREC replaced the traditional impressions, unpleasant for the patient, with digital ones and accelerated the treatment process by using digital impressions made with the most compact powder-free intraoral camera on the market – the CEREC Omnicam camera.

Benefits of using digital replicas in orthodontics

Convenience of the patient: you save your patients from the gag reflex and unpleasant sensations that usually appear when receiving traditional impressions.

Fast: approximately 40% faster than with traditional cast, and orthodontic treatment planning will be about 70% faster.

Easy: scanning with prompts at each stage and simple control of the CEREC Omnicam camera will allow you to assign this work to any employee of the clinic.

Modern: the process of digitizing orthodontic imagery delights patients and motivates employees.

Economical: more efficient work and satisfied clients will increase the profitability of your dental clinic.



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